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    Data delay in Report tool

  • Volvo Connect News


    Charge Monitoring Zone

    Charge Monitoring Zones are zones which monitor the battery level of your hybrid or electric vehicles, and sends an event if the battery level is more than or less than a certain level on entering or leaving the zone.

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    Maps download widget

    To enable updates of the maps for the TomTom Navigation system on the new coach (9700/9900), we are now introducing Map Download widget in Volvo Connect. All information on how to download and update the maps can be found in the widget instructions.

  • When creating and editing zones, you can choose to automatically activate the zone to all vehicles in your fleet. This means all your future vehicles with a zone service will automatically be added to the zone.

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    I-Coaching Report

    The I-Coaching report shows driver performance related parameters like Harsh braking, Overspeeding and Excessive idling.

  • Now the Tracking Report has support for multiple vehicles. Select “Filter” and “Vehicle” and select all vehicles that you want to view events for.

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    Notifications for Zero Emission Zones

    You will now be notified when your hybrid vehicles deviate from the rules set in the zone, e.g. by driving on combustion engine within a Zero Emission zone.

  • You can now see detail descriptions of permissions per user role in the User Administration Tool. As a User Administrator, you will get guidance directly in Volvo Connect to select the right roles for the users of your fleet.

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    Updates in Map Tool

    Your vehicles’ Battery Voltage readings are now visible in the Map Tool. You can view the last known Battery Voltage of your vehicles as well as the Battery Voltage for each historical event in Position History.

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    Hybrid Data in Reports

    New parameters for hybrid vehicles are available in Report service. These parameters let you track electric distance and electric time, including driving and idling time, for your hybrid vehicles.

  • This is a major milestone on the journey towards zero-emissions public transport. Watch the journey, from assembly to mid-journey recharge, in this video

  • The 10th Volvo B8R low floor bus has been delivered to Kangaroo Bus Lines, marking a huge milestone in their fleet transition.

  • Following the 2019 introduction of the Volvo B5L S-Charge Hybrid bus to ComfortDelGro Corporation Australia’s subsidiary CDC Victoria, Volvo Bus Australia in partnership with Volgren Australia were proud to hand over the 50th Volvo Volgren hybrid bus as part of their supply agreement.

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    Release News

  • Volvo’s Zoning technology has been a key benefit of the Volvo B5L S-Charge when it comes to safety, efficiency and sustainability in allowing for safety, coaching and environmental zones to be set.

  • Volvo Bus Australia details how the Volvo BZL Electric has become an integral part of Volvo’s holistic sustainability strategy, by supporting environmental care and fulfilling social and ethical responsibilities.

  • For more than 50 years, Volvo Bus has engaged with local partners across Australia for body building and for the supply of bus and coach components – and the Volvo BZL Electric is no exception to this.

  • With comprehensive aftersales support from Volvo Bus’s Electromobility Experts, Volvo Bus Australia details the extensive reliability of investing in Australia’s most sustainable electric chassis, the Volvo BZL Electric.

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    Volvo Connect tips & tricks

    We asked our expert Lisa Engkvist to share some of her favourite tips and tricks for getting more value out of Volvo Connect.

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