Industry leading Volvo B11R and B8R chassis launched in Indonesia

At Busworld South East Asia Exhibition 2019 in Jakarta, Volvo Buses officially launched the Volvo B11R and Volvo B8R chassis for the Indonesian bus market.

Volvo B11R and V8R chassis launched in Indonesia

“We are extremely excited to introduce our latest product, the Volvo B8R and Volvo B11R, in Indonesia. These buses have proven their performance with demanding customers in several countries and are sure to also meet the requirements of the Indonesian bus market”, says Akash Passey, Senior Vice President Business Region International.

Since 2018, over a hundred Volvo B11R buses are operating as part of the TransJakarta Busway BRT system. This configuration, known locally as “maxibus” can comfortably accommodate up to 90 passengers and is very popular with users. On the Volvo Buses stand at Busworld were two versions of the Volvo B11R chassis – an ultra-high coach and a double decker coach. Also presented alongside, was the Volvo B8RLE low-entry model.

Putting the passenger in the center
Akash Passey represented Volvo Buses at the CEO round table discussion organized by Busworld Academy. Attended by transport associations and operators, the theme of the seminar was to share knowledge on ‘Making transport systems attractive, efficient and affordable in South East Asia’. Speaking at this Thought Leadership session, Akash highlighted the importance of putting the passenger in the center of public transport discussions.

“Indonesia is a very large and rapidly modernising market for buses. This brings a significant opportunity for bus operators and bus manufacturers to support the progress of land transportation through buses that are of high quality, safe and environmentally friendly. Volvo Buses is ideally suited to meet the demands of bus operators and passengers with a proven track record of over 90 years.”

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