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Volvo Buses offers a range of services designed for efficient bus fleet management, and for maximum uptime and productivity. We know that keeping your vehicle on the road and avoiding unnecessary costs are crucial for your business. And in addition we offer several services which can boost your company’s performance. Quite simply, we want to be our customers’ best business partner.

Volvo Connect bus fleet management solutions

Volvo Connect is our bus fleet management system and your entrance to the world of Volvo Bus Services. With our fleet management solutions, you get connected services as well as documentation and workshop tools – all in one place. It supports thorough follow-up of vehicle performance, maintenance planning and productivity-boosting efforts. Welcome to explore Volvo Connect.

Volvo Connect

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Our offerings are designed to suit the specific needs of different markets. Select your country to find out more about what’s available for your business.

Secure your uptime

Uptime is a critical factor. When you sign up for a Volvo Service Contract your vehicles will be taken care of at a specified cost and with a minimum of administration. 

Service & repairs

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Latest Press Release

Keep track and optimise

Uptime is the key to productivity. To maximise the productive hours, you’d want to know the health and status of every vehicle. And with that knowledge, planning of maintenance and service can be so much more efficient. With Volvo Connect and our bus fleet management solutions you are always up to date.

Vehicle management

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Manage your zones

Volvo’s Zone Management is a development of geofencing, where you can change parameters on-board the vehicle and control its behaviour inside a zone, such as speed limit or threshold values for the I-Coaching service. It’s accessed via the Fleet Management user interface in Volvo Connect. 

Zone management

Driver performance

The way a vehicle is driven has a direct link to your business result. Volvo provides several tools for improvement. 

Driver performance


Own or lease?

Having a financial partner with its roots in the bus and coach business, makes it easier to find the best solution for you. Understanding of your operation, and the challenges you face make us flexible and fully prepared to support you.

Financial services

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