Electric Articulated bus and more variants of the Volvo 9700 make the Volvo Buses major headlines at Busworld

A new electrically powered articulated bus that can carry up to 150 passengers, and a new 15-metre version of the Volvo 9700 long-distance coach. These are two of the foremost attractions on the Volvo Buses stand at this year’s Busworld international bus show in Brussels on October 18–23.

Volvo 9700

“With the Volvo 7900 Electric Articulated we are creating new opportunities for cities that want to develop sustainable public transport using energy-efficient, quiet and exhaust emission-free buses. At the same time we are expanding our new range of award-winning long-distance coaches with additional variants, offering customers the right preconditions for even higher productivity. Our combined range of products and services has never been stronger and we are better equipped than ever to work with our customers to take the step into the future and develop their business,” says Håkan Agnevall, President of Volvo Buses.

Volvo 7900 Electric Articulated. At Busworld Volvo will reveal its new electrically powered articulated bus in commercial configuration to a wider public for the first time. The Volvo 7900 Electric Articulated, which carries up to 150 passengers and offers 80 per cent lower energy consumption than a corresponding diesel bus, marks the completion of Volvo’s range of electrified buses.

Volvo 9700. Volvo is meeting market demands by expanding its range of long-distance coaches with a 15-metre variant of the Volvo 9700. It not only carries more passengers, it also offers additional possibilities for tailoring the available space. All told the Volvo 9700 is now available in four lengths – 12, 13, 14 and 15 metres – and a total of nine different versions to meet a wide variety of needs.

Hybrid buses. Volvo’s hybrid buses have been further developed for their ability to drive quietly and totally emission-free during more of their operating schedule than at present. Both new and existing hybrid buses with Euro 6 technology can also be equipped with Volvo Zone Management, which allows them to be easily set up for electric-only operation within specified areas, such as zero-emission zones and other sensitive areas.

The over-riding theme for Volvo Buses at Busworld is “Create Your Zero City”. This theme focuses on how Volvo can help cities transition towards sustainable public transport solutions.

Gothenburg, October 14, 2019

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