Volvo received an order for 129 buses as part of Mexico City’s focus on sustainable transport

As part of Mexico City’s switch to sustainable transport, the city has decided to invest in 129 new Volvo buses featuring lower emissions. This order adds up to a previous order of 70 low-entry buses earlier this year for a total of 199 units in the entire year.  The new Volvo B8R Euro 6 buses will be used in the RTP network – an important part of Mexico City’s public transport and the foremost transport alternative for much of the city’s population.

Volvo B8R Euro 6 buses

“We are proud to be chosen to participate in the transformation of urban transport for Mexico City. This is an excellent opportunity for us to supply safe, efficient and sustainable transport for the thousands of passengers who travel on the RTP routes every day,” says Rafael Kisel, President of Volvo Buses in Mexico.

Replacement of old vehicles with the new Volvo buses, including the latest order for 18 Volvo 7300 articulated buses, means not only that passengers will enjoy a safer and more comfortable ride, the result will also be reduced lower emissions of air pollutants. All the buses are equipped with Volvo’s latest fuel-efficient 8-litre engines and a considerable volume of the buses ordered are certified according to the latest European emissions regulations, Euro 6.

“Volvo Buses works together with cities all over the world to create sustainable public transport solutions based on each city’s conditions and needs. We have had a strong business in Mexico for several years, so it is particularly gratifying to be able to contribute as Mexico City now takes the next step in its public transport development,” says Håkan Agnevall, President of Volvo Buses.

Throughout 2019, RTP has ordered 199 buses from Volvo, including an order in March for 70 low-entry buses. Overall, in total RTP will operate 390 Volvo buses in their transport system.

“The result of this tender, after the commitment made with the first 70 Access units that are already operating in the city, represents an endorsement from both the authorities and the RTP passengers towards Volvo Buses, says Rafael Kisel.


For further information, please contact: 
Joakim Kenndal, head of Media Relations, Volvo Bus, Phone +46 739-02 51 50
or e-mail joakim [dot] kenndal [at] volvo [dot] com

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