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Efficient and responsible public transport requires a holistic and long-term approach. Volvo Buses' vision is to provide pioneering transport solutions, and our City Mobility offerings are unsurpassed. Volvo offers a comprehensive range of city and intercity buses. Our range of electrified city buses allows operation with substantially reduced emissions and noise levels – even in sensitive areas and restricted zones.

City mobility

City Mobility by Volvo Buses

City growth is the engine of social progress and public transport is crucial. Many cities suffer from severe congestion and the noise and pollution problem that come with it. The transition from commuting by car to public transport is a given solution. Volvo is dedicated to developing and supplying pioneering sustainable solutions to meet these demands.

E-mobility is a cornerstone in this work, since it allows silent and emission-free operation in sensitive and environmentally threatened areas. Furthermore, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems can add new life to a congested and crammed city by providing the transport capacity the city needs for further prosperity. These are examples of Volvo's pioneering solutions for sustainability – solutions that really can make a difference.

Economy and the environment

Saving money and the environment

When Volvo first presented hybrid buses a decade ago it was assumed that some 20% of fuel could be saved. This would give substantial environmental benefits and cost savings. When reports started to reach us we instead saw savings of up to 39%. Our hybrid technology started to pay back from day one.


The introduction of the Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid took e-mobility one step further. 75% less fuel, but perhaps even more important, it could operate silently and with zero emissions. The cost of noise to society is often severely underestimated. New regulations governing noise for public health reasons means dramatic cost increases, but with electrified buses much of this can be avoided.

The future is here and now

Transition to emission-free public transport

Today we help city after city to shift to more sustainable public transport systems in different ways. For cities in the transition towards emission-free traffic, Volvo offers high-capacity Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems, efficient diesel technologies and our full-hybrid buses reducing fuel consumption and CO2 by up to 39%. Other cities are ready for an e-mobility transformation. Ultimately, we want to help them in their transition towards zero cites, with zero emissions, zero noise, zero congestion and zero accidents. Today we do it in Europe by offering a complete e-mobility solution, efficient electric buses and our experience of implementation as well as future-proof technologies.

The Zero City by Volvo Buses

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