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Create your Zero City with Volvo Buses

Cities around the world are working to solve the major challenges of urbanisation: air quality, noise and congestion. At Volvo, we believe we can make a difference with sustainable transport solutions. We want to help cities in their transformation towards zero cites, with zero emissions, zero noise, zero congestion and zero accidents. How? With a complete e-mobility solution, efficient electric buses and our experience of implementation as well as future-proof technologies.

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Zero emissions

The way we transport people in our cities has a major impact on our quality of life, and the environment. More than 90% of people worldwide live in areas exceeding the WHO guideline for healthy air. At Volvo Buses, we are convinced that our e-mobility offer with clean and silent electric buses is part of the solution. With zero tailpipe emissions they can operate in sensitive areas and environmental zones, while helping to reduce CO2 and air pollution.

Zero noise

The challenge of noise pollution is on the agenda of virtually every city. The effects of excess noise on public health are well-documented and there is also increasing awareness of the substantial costs arising from noise. With our silent electric buses noise emissions are reduced to a minimum. This means they can operate anywhere 24/7: in silent zones, in residential areas at night without waking up residents, and they can even stop at indoor terminals.


Zero accidents

At Volvo, safety always comes first. It’s part of our DNA and we have a clear safety vision: zero accidents with Volvo products. Our complete e-mobility solution includes connected zone management services and electric buses with advanced safety technologies, helping cities towards zero accidents in city traffic. Safety Zones, Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection, Electronic Stability Program and the option of safety belts on all seats are just a few examples.

Zero congestion

Congestion is one of the major challenges in cities around the world. It not only leads to bad air quality, noise and environmental stress. It also leads to people spending hours in traffic every day. We need to travel together to make the most efficient use of our streets. Volvo offers high-capacity electric buses for attractive public transport – designed for people, by people. Helping cities to reduce the number of cars and aim for zero congestion.


Create your Zero City with Volvo Buses

Complete e-mobility solution

Volvo offers a complete e-mobility solution on the European market, developed and configured in close cooperation with each city. It includes everything from efficient electric buses and relevant services to open-interface infrastructure and implementation. All included and specified in a Volvo Turnkey solution. And there’s no need to wait. Implementation can be done in increments, route by route.

Simulations and implementation

Route length, frequency, capacity and local regulations means different e-mobility solutions in each city. Volvo has long experience of simulation and implementation of electric bus networks in a number of cities. For the infrastructure we partner with the city’s preferred supplier and energy authority.


Volvo Turnkey

With a Volvo Turnkey solution, you get guaranteed operation at a specified cost per km. We jointly define the terms, conditions and capacity requirement for specific routes. After that we provide an all-inclusive solution encompassing vehicles, infrastructure, battery management, services and project management, where Volvo takes care of maintenance and repair of the vehicles at a fixed monthly cost. What you get is reliable vehicles ready to run with all-day availability.


How do you future-proof the development of public transport in a city? Volvo has been pioneering the development of e-mobility solutions for many years, and we share considerable expertise in the entire Volvo Group. We work closely with leading cities in implementing sustainable and future-proof electric bus systems. Open standards are an important example of how to secure future-proof technologies. Another key ingredient is Volvo’s advanced and connected products and services that are ready to meet new regulations, along with step-wise development of automation.

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