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The  Volvo 9900 with its elegance and attitude is a premium experience for everyone: drivers, passengers and owners. A powerful new engine and new driver’s environment make every mile behind the wheel an amazing experience. Passengers will enjoy the luxurious comfort and safety. And operators will appreciate the outstanding fuel-efficiency, uptime and reliability. It’s a truly premium coach, ready for whatever comes ahead.


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A powerful driver experience

Driving the Volvo 9900 is a sensational experience. Perfectly seated in the new driver compartment, you get that special feeling of control. With the new 500 hp engine and updated I-Shift transmission with even faster gear shifting, you have instant power access already from low revs. Now add our unique Volvo Dynamic Steering. The result is extremely smooth power, smooth gear changes and light steering for comfortable and safe driving.

Fuel-efficiency and biofuel

The new 13-litre engine and driveline features several fuel-saving technologies, helping to reduce fuel consumption by up to 9% compared with the previous engine. A new engine compartment layout with a unique cooling system operated by electrical fans and lower engine revs at cruising speed are two examples. The engine is available in three power levels, from 420 to 500 hp. For improved environmental performance, all of them can run on HVO, and the 460 and 500 hp versions also on biofuel.


Your passengers’ first choice

Legendary comfort and safety are a Volvo hallmark. And the Volvo 9900 is no exception. The new 13-litre engine and driveline improve ride comfort still further. Increased stability, less vibration and less noise make every mile a relaxed passenger experience.

Onboard experience

Award-winning design

Powerful stance and distinctive personality. The moment you meet the Volvo 9900 you feel this coach is special. The elegance and the attractive details really catch the eye. The design of the unique window line and the window graphics underscore the luxurious impression. A rounded front gives the coach a friendly yet confident face, combining good looks with excellent aerodynamics. In addition, Volvo’s signature V-shaped lights carve out a strong identity even from a distance.

Outstanding passenger comfort

This is the coach for the most demanding passengers. They are comfortably seated, surrounded by carefully selected materials, elegant trim and harmonious colour schemes. The Volvo 9900 offers unique visibility thanks to its sloping window line and the gradient theatre floor. A perfect climate and a premium, versatile infotainment system complete the coach your passengers would choose for their perfect journey.


Travel in Volvo safety

In every Volvo, safety is built-in from the start. The Volvo 9900 is equipped with advanced safety systems that help the driver prevent accidents. And of course, all passenger seats can be equipped with 3-point seat belts. For younger passengers there are ISOFIX fittings for child seats and booster cushions, and we can also offer integrated rearward-facing child seats.

More about Volvo 9900 Safety

Lane Keeping Support

A warning system that notifies the driver if the coach is about to unintentionally cross a lane marker.

Volvo Dynamic Steering

A technology that improves steering responsiveness and precision, thus reducing the strain on the driver’s shoulders, neck and arms.


Driver Alert System

Safety starts with the driver. Driver Alert System senses if you are distracted or drowsy and signals that it’s time for a break.

Volvo Connect

With Volvo Connect you can save fuel, increase efficiency, secure uptime, boost safety and grow profitability. Volvo Connect is your fleet management system and entrance to the world of Volvo Bus Services. Connected services as well as documentation and workshop tools – all in one place.

More about Volvo Connect

Zone Management

A unique-to-Volvo service based on geofencing, but with added functionality. One example is safety zones, where a vehicle’s speed is limited to a pre-set value within a defined area, or for part of a route.

Zone Management

Vehicle status

When a warning is lit on the driver’s dashboard it also sends a notification to Volvo Connect. Which means no time is lost. You can assist your driver and decide whether to return to the depot or complete the shift. A true uptime booster.

Vehicle status

Workshop services

Volvo Connect offers a range of workshop services with diagnostics, software downloads, documentation and instructions for maintenance and repair. And you can even find the right spare parts online.

Workshop services

Longer service intervals

With the new 13-litre engine service intervals are extended thanks to a state-of-the-art engine and an installation featuring a unique cooling system with electrical fans. The temperature is kept low and uniform in all conditions, and the engine runs under optimised conditions.


Service contracts

Your coach’s uptime is the key to profitability. And with our uptime services and service contracts your coaches will have the proper maintenance and repair at the right time – without disrupting your business.

Service contracts

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