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Our focus on protecting and caring for people has made Volvo Buses a leader in safety. Now we are taking one step further. The various consequences of Covid-19 affect us all, privately and at work. During times of uncertainty, it is more important than ever to do what we can to stop spreading the infection. We are working in real time to keep our employees and passengers safe, and support our customers’ business. The Clean & Care program includes a lineup of protective equipment for both old and new models. Contact your Volvo representative today to find out more.


Protecting what’s important

We at Volvo Buses are here for you to ensure that your bus is clean and safe for passengers and drivers alike. Here are some of our recommendations. At first hand, we recommend you to always follow the advice of your National Healthcare System.

General maintenance recommendations:

  • Vacuum clean the passenger area, and both the defroster and air recirculation filters every day.
  • Use disinfecting fluid to clean handrails and all surfaces that may be touched by hands, repeating frequently during the day.
  • At the end of the working day, sanitise the entire passenger area, for example with the Ozone Generator, in the Clean & Care Program.
  • Download the fact sheet for the Clean & Care Program (available in selected European markets)

Travel safe in times of Covid 19

See how ozone generators installed create a cleaner and disinfected interior in the buses.

Clean & Care Program

To increase the safety of coach travel in relation to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, we now offer health and safety products for all our coaches, old and new models. Currently accessories are available in these markets. Find more information on your local market page.

Volvo Financial Services Supporting you

While the world has changed during the COVID-19 pandemic, we know you’re working hard to take care of your business. Volvo Financial Services is here to help. If you have been impacted, please contact us for support.

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