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Healthier cities with electric buses

14.00 CEST, June 9, 2022

Join us for a talk about electrification as part of a healthier future! Together with our ElectriCity partners from the University of Gothenburg, Västtrafik and the City of Gothenburg, we’re hosting a broadcasted event on the topic “electrification and noise in the city”.

We will talk to Kerstin Persson Waye, an expert on how noise impacts our health. We will also meet with representatives from other ElectriCity partners to discuss the role of low noise in city development, new possibilities for planning public transport and the future of electromobility.

Additionally, we will speak with residents along the fully electric bus route 60 – for some personal accounts on how electrification has impacted their everyday lives.


Pernilla Warberg


Kerstin Persson Waye

Professor of Environmental Medicine
University of Gothenburg

Belma Krslak

Environmental Analyst,
Environmental Administration
City of Gothenburg

Hanna Björk

Head of Sustainability

Marie Carlsson

Director Business Solutions
Volvo Buses