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Electric bus wins Volvo Technology Award

The Volvo Group’s position as a world leader in terms of electric buses can largely be attributed to the unique and innovative electric powertrain. The engineers behind this creation are now being recognized with the 2016 Volvo Technology Award.
Electric bus wins Volvo Technology Award

ElectriCity and Route 55 in Gothenburg represent an important collaboration and an opportunity to show how cities can convert to electric bus systems. Volvo’s electric buses currently operating in the city are silent and emissions-free, which makes it possible to have indoor bus stops.

The strength of the Volvo Group’s proprietary electric powertrain is that it is lighter, more cost-effective and uses energy in a more efficient way than other offerings on the market. A range of different solutions contribute to this.

"We have developed our own two-speed gearbox connected to a high-speed electric machine and energy storage system that efficiently balances the need for batteries with charging at end stations," says Fredrika Berndtsson, Chief Project Manager, Electric Powertrain who, together with the team behind the creation, is to receive the 2016 Volvo Technology Award.

The electric buses are also equipped with a new system for safety zones, meaning the vehicle automatically drives at a lower speed in sensitive areas such as those around schools.

Volvo Group is at the forefront of electromobility, launching the first electrichybrid bus in 2009 that has sold over 2,500 units in 21 countries to date. The Group’s work has raised considerable interest and stakeholders from across the globe are now travelling to Gothenburg to inspect Volvo’s electric bus system, technical solutions and the special depot in which the electric buses are serviced and maintained.

"The commercial conditions for electric-powered heavy vehicles are currently most favorable for city buses," says Torbjörn Holmström, Chief Technology Officer at the Volvo Group.

"One strength of the now lauded electric powertrain is that it can also be adapted to our trucks, construction equipment and Volvo Penta’s customers’ needs as soon as the market is ready for electric power in these areas."

The award winners include Fredrika Berndtsson, Andreas Gillström, Ove Hjortsberg, Erik Lauri, John Lord and Mattias Åsbogård from Volvo Group Trucks Technology as well as Mats Andersson, Roger Andersson, Edward Jobson, Patrik Pettersson and Martin Sanne from Volvo Buses.

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