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Classic concerts on electric bus route in Gothenburg, Sweden

Next week children from the Side by Side by El Sistema international music camp will give concerts on electric bus route 55 in Gothenburg. The concerts are the result of a cooperative venture between the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, and ElectriCity.
Classic concerts on electric bus route in Gothenburg, Sweden

See the video clip about the concerts here

Passengers travelling on electric bus route 55 in Gothenburg on June 16 and 17 can listen as youngsters from all over the world play a variety of classical instruments. The concerts are being held to draw attention to the international music camp, Side by Side by El Sistema, that is being held in Gothenburg on June 15-18, 2016.

The camp is part of the global El Sistema music school, which seeks to promote positive social change in the lives of children and youths through music.

“The camp is a meeting-place for young people from all over the world, where you gather around a common passion for music. Performing music on an electric bus is a different and exciting way of sharing your passion. The collaboration is a creative way of giving the youths an arena and the passengers a unique bus ride. The art can take place in the midst of society”, says Petra Kloo Vik, Manager for Children/Youth Activities at the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra.

At the music camp, participants get the chance to learn from experienced orchestra musicians. The camp concludes with a concert at the Liseberg Hall where the children will play music together with members of the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra.

ElectriCity is a cooperative venture between the city, the business sector, regional actors and academia, and its aim is to test and demonstrate sustainable public transport. One tangible result is electric bus route 55.

“This is a great way of showing what it is possible to do on board silent buses. El Sistema and Side by Side are both doing very important work that we here at ElectriCity are happy to support by allowing young musicians to play on board the buses,” relates Helena Lind, Media Relations Manager Volvo Buses.

The quiet electric buses on route 55 in Gothenburg have already previously been used for music concerts – Swedish artists Zara Larsson and Seinabo Sey are among the performers who have sung on board the buses. The concerts, known as Silent Bus

Sessions, have been shared on social media and been viewed by more than 2.6 million people.

About El Sistema
Today 600,000 children from all over the world, primarily youngsters from poor backgrounds, take part in the El Sistema programme. El Sistema was started in 1975 in Venezuela by economist and musician José Antonio Abreu.

His vision was to use music to help create and develop a positive social change in the lives of children. Gustavo Dudamel, former principal conductor with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, is involved in El Sistema. 
El Sistema Sweden:

About Side by Side by El Sistema
Side by Side by El Sistema is an international music camp that is now being organised for the third time in Gothenburg.

As of 2016 the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra is the principal sponsor of the camp, which is part of the 400-year-anniversary of Gothenburg.
Side By Side:

About ElectriCity
ElectriCity is a cooperative venture between 14 actors in the fields of research, business and commerce, and the public sector. It aims at developing, demonstrating and evaluating new solutions for future public transport.

Testing and evaluation of electric bus operation is a central part of the project. ElectriCity examines and demonstrates the potential of quiet, electric-powered public transport.

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