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20 Volvo hybrid buses delivered to Tallinn, Estonia

Volvo Buses delivered 20 hybrid buses to Tallinna Linnatranspordi Ltd (TLT) today at the ceremony held at the Freedom square. Volvo Buses has delivered more than 3000 hybrid buses around the world since 2010, 44 of them to Tallinn city.
Volvo Hybrid buses

As of today Tallinna Linnatranspordi Ltd has 44 hybrid buses in their fleet. Volvo’s hybrid bus is propelled entirely electrically, is quiet and emission-free from start and up to 15-20 km/h. At higher speeds, the bus is powered by a small 4-cylinder diesel engine that can operate under optimal conditions within a narrow rev band. The energy generated during engine braking is stored in the bus’s batteries and is used to power the vehicle’s electric motor and various auxiliary systems. 

Cleaner city and less traffic
Tallinna Linnatranspordi Ltd Chairman of the Board Enno Tamme said that most of European cities have taken objective to reduce car transportation by investing more to public transport.

"It is important to improve public transport service by making it more available and comfortable. Tallinn has achieved exponential growth in number of public transport users by free public transport, but we want to increase it even further and therefore will focus more on passenger comfort. New hybrid buses in our fleet will contribute to this aim," said Enno Tamm.

To describe TLT’s fleet today, Tamm said: “We are the first ones to utilise hybrid technology in public transportation. With 44 hybrid buses in our fleet, we are one of the top 10 hybrid bus cities in Europe. More than half of our bus fleet is Euro 5 or Euro 6 and after 50 new hybrid and diesel buses, average age of our fleet will be 8,2 years. This number is impressive in all of Europe.”

Electromobility is the future
Volvo Bus has delivered more than 3000 hybrid buses all around the world since 2010. New Tallinn city hybrid buses will be included to city routes from 1st of May.

Fredrik Röstad, Director Commercial Area East Europe Volvo Buses, took part of the official ceremony in Tallinn and said: "Hybrid technology is an important solution for cities that want to reduce vehicle emissions. Volvo is a leader in hybrid technology and I am very glad that the city of Tallinn has chosen our high capacity hybrid buses for its public transport system.”

Röstad took also part in previous handover ceremony in 2015 when 24 hybrid buses were delivered: “It is great to see that Tallinn is continuing their investment in hybrid technology and their journey towards environmentally friendly public transportation.

Hybrid technology helps to reduce emissions and fuel consumption by up to 40% compared to similar Euro 6 diesel bus. That means cleaner and quieter Tallinn,” and added “We in Volvo have a firm belief that electro mobility is the future. With this order Tallinn is showing, that they are not only following but leading the trend of electrified public transport in the region.”

Volvo hybrid buses are delivered by Volvo Buses, aftersales services and needs will be provided by Volvo Estonia. Hybrid buses have many new functions including lighter body, extra systems that need less energy and five litre diesel engine that fulfils Euro 6 requirements. This means it can carry more passengers, achieve lower fuel consumption and emissions.

Volvo 7900 Hybrid, Euro 6

  • The two-axle version has up to 39 % lower fuel consumption than a corresponding diesel-powered bus.
  • 40-50 % lower exhaust emissions.
  • Quiet and exhaust-free operation at bus stops.
  • Equipped with an electric motor, batteries and a small diesel engine.
  • The diesel engine (Volvo D5) meets the EU’s latest emissions standards, Euro 6.
  • The powertrain is a parallel hybrid, which means that the diesel engine and electric motor can operate independently of one another.
  • The batteries are charged with the energy generated during engine braking.
  • The electric motor is primarily used for acceleration from standstill up to 15-20 km/hr
  • Bus is 12 meters long and can carry up to 84 passengers.

Tallinna Linnatranspordi Ltd
Tallinna Linnatranspordi Aktsiaselts (TLT) is a public transportation company owned by the city. The main activity of Tallinna Linnatranspordi Aktsiaselts (TLT) is providing bus, tram and trolleybus services, on the basis of a contract with the Tallinn Transport Department.
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Volvo Estonia OÜ
Volvo Estonia is official representative of Volvo Group bus and truck brands in Estonia. Company has facilities in Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu and Jõhvi.
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