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Volvo to deliver 100 city buses to Bangalore, India

Volvo Buses has received an order for 100 city buses from the Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC). The buses are compliant with UBS-II norms apart from BSIV emission norms.
Volvo to deliver 100 city buses to Bangalore, India

Volvo Buses has received an order for 100 city buses Volvo 8400. Featuring a new 8-litre engine manufactured by the Volvo Group JV in Pithampur, the bus is compliant with UBS-II norms apart from BSIV emission norms.

R. Ramalinga Reddy, Honourable Minister for Transport, Government of Karnataka accepted keys to the bus.

Commenting on the rollout of the bus, Martin Lundstedt, President and CEO of the Volvo Group said; “Volvo Buses has been at the forefront of introducing new technologies and concepts in urban transport in India. Our privileged partnership with the BMTC has been integral to this journey. Having delivered the first city bus in 2006, we are proud to note that the BMTC now has over 700 Volvo Buses in its fleet. This order for the next generation of city buses is the start of the next phase of our shared drive to promote sustainable mobility.”

Dr. Ekroop Caur, Managing Director, BMTC stated, “Bengaluru’s urban mobility needs are growing rapidly. We are augmenting our fleet of premium buses to provide commuters a desirable alternative to personal vehicles that are leading causes of congestion and pollution.”

The locally manufactured Volvo D8C engine’s application is not restricted to India. “The ‘made-in-India’ 8-litre engine has performed very well during internal assessments. We are encouraged to deploy it in other international markets that Volvo participates in,” said Akash Passey, Senior Vice President, Business Region International, Volvo Buses.

The Volvo D8C engine coupled with 6-speed automatic transmission & integrated retarder and optimised rear axle ratio delivers high performance required in city’s start-stop. The engine supplies a peak power of 330hp in order to meet optimal power-to weight ratio and ensure reserve power, which is critical to meet three areas for good city duty cycle – instant acceleration, air-conditioning performance, and gradeability.

Designed to be a workhorse for 17-hour duty cycles, the bus offers excellent handling ability, rollover protection and safety is further boosted by powerful disc brakes on all wheels, roll stabilisers and a true-bus suspension system. The doors are equipped with sensitive edge to prevent passenger injury during accidental door closure.

Volvo Buses has been proactive when it comes to the incorporation of safety features. The company has been compliant with the bus body code well in advance of notification. All buses are also fitted with ABS as a standard since 2005 – an initiative by Volvo that became a mandate for the entire commercial vehicle industry only in 2015.

With entry at just 350mm, it is easy to get on and off the bus and the kneeling-feature along with pneumatic lifting and lowering mechanism enables the body to be lowered, while passengers are boarding and alighting. The clear door width of 1200mm in the front and rear of the bus helps in comfortable and quick entry & exit.

About Volvo Buses in India
Volvo Buses has been in India since 2001 and has built leading experience when it comes to high-performing bus applications. Over 6,000 Volvo buses operate on Indian roads, providing the best travel experience in terms of safety, luxury and comfort to people. Volvo coaches today connect major cities across India as well as in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Nearly 1,500 Volvo city buses currently operate in 34 cities in the country.