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Unknown Swedish artist charms millions

Until recently, Nathalie Cuti lived a perfectly normal life far from the glare of the spotlights. But after a video with her singing her own composition ”light the lights” was seen more than three million times in social media in the very first week, things are changing for the 22-year old from Gothenburg.
Unknown Swedish artist charms millions

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Nathalie Cuti is the name of the artist, and ‘Light the Lights’ is the name of her song. This could well be worth remembering – because in the past week alone Nathalie Cuti’s new single has spread at lightning speed through social media. Her voice has been likened to Lana del Rey’s and at the time of writing the video and song have scored more than three million views on Facebook – and the figure is rising every day.

“I’m overwhelmed by the attention the song has attracted. It’s difficult to believe it’s true!

“I wrote ‘Light the Lights’ based on my personal experiences. If you listen to the lyrics you’ll note it’s all about wanting to be seen, to be heard. ‘I’m here, look at me.’ I’ve always had music in my life, but didn’t previously really dare have faith in abilities and seize the opportunities – which makes it difficult to make a name as an artist,” says Nathalie Cuti.

Nathalie wrote the song together with her boyfriend Leo Lönnroth. For Nathalie Cuti, music has always been a big part of her life. She received her first guitar from her father when she was just a little girl. But it was only when she started at high school that music took on a bigger role in Nathalie’s life and the dream of being able to make a living from music grew. However, those dreams came up against the harsh reality and tough competition in the industry.

“I’ve always found it difficult to dream. There are so many others who are truly great, and I’ve always doubted whether I have what it takes to be successful in music,” says Nathalie, who today works at a coffee-shop in Gothenburg.

However, after the launch of her song a week ago, Nathalie no longer needs to worry about whether she is good enough. Social media is brimming with traffic and praise for the 22-year old and there are many who want to hear a lot more from her. Comments, shares and likes are streaming in from countries like Japan, Spain, the USA, Mexico and Brazil.

The video of the song is part of the global launch campaign for Volvo’s new all-electric bus, the Volvo 7900 Electric, which was unveiled to the world last week. Increasing numbers of cities are choosing to invest in quiet, emission-free electric buses to solve the problems of poor air quality and noise.

“With the launch film we want to spotlight the benefits of the electric bus in a new way. Electric buses are quiet, emission-free and can drive everywhere in the city. This opens up entirely new opportunities to plan our cities and creates entirely new ways for people to meet each other – and make themselves heard. ‘Light the Lights’ is a wonderful song that perfectly suits this context,” says Lina Martinsson, Manager Digital Communications, Volvo Buses.

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