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Volvo Buses introduces new Euro VI double-decker

Volvo Buses has launched a new double-deck chassis, capable of meeting the demanding high-capacity transport needs in Asia Pacific and beyond. Fuel efficient, with lower emissions and lower operating costs, this new Euro VI product was launched in Hong Kong during the Volvo Ocean Race stopover on 25th January 2018.
Volvo Buses

Volvo Buses has announced an important addition to its line-up of leading products for public transport with the arrival of the new B8L, 3 axle double deck city bus chassis.  The Volvo B8L is manufactured in Borås, Sweden and units have already been widely tested in the demanding city environments of Hong Kong and Singapore. The new B8L product replaces Volvo’s B9TL with over 4,000 units sold in the Asia Pacific Region.

Powered by Volvo’s proven D8K engine the B8L delivers 350 Horsepower (258kW) and 1,400Nm of torque between 1,200 and 1,600 engine RPM. The D8K engine is matched with a fully automatic ZF 6AP1600C transmission. The 8 litre engine features common rail technology and more auxiliaries powered electrically than ever before. The driveline package delivers new standards in fuel efficiency, reduction in noise and lower emissions.

“Volvo Buses has proud history as a supplier to many of the most challenging applications for public transport in Asia Pacific. With the B8L we are providing a new chassis that has been thoroughly tested in tough local conditions,” says Håkan Agnevall, President of Volvo Buses

“In response to our customer’s input we have simplified the driveline”, says David Mead, Vice President Asia Pacific, Volvo Buses. “Key to the new design is the direct drive layout with the 8 litre engine and automatic transmission designed to be in-line. This provides a more efficient driveline sure to set new standards for fuel efficiency in this segment.”

In addition to the driveline, the B8L delivers; lower overall weight, a tighter turning circle and all new axles and suspension providing outstanding ride quality, improved driveability and higher levels of vehicle performance.

The B8L also delivers when it comes to the total cost of ownership. Extended service intervals, use of common Volvo Group spare parts and revised service regimes allow for a reduction in the overall cost of maintenance. Coupled with the fuel savings already proven in vehicle trials the total cost of owning a Volvo B8L will be lower than for previous models.

The new B8L continues Volvo’s focus on safety with a number of features included as standard equipment. Electronic Stability Control (ESP), Electronic braking Systems, (EBS), anti-slip, acceleration limiter and hill start-aid all come as standard on the chassis.

“Our new B8L product demonstrates our understanding of the demands of Asia in the high capacity double deck segment”, says Mead. “The overall package we have created shows our experience in this area and allows us to deliver a product to our customers that will set new benchmarks for performance, safety and reliability in this segment.”

Volvo Buses has commenced training for dealers, distributors and operators in Asia Pacific to ensure that the new Euro VI technology is understood. “We have one of the most experienced team of dealers and distributors in the region, ready to continue their heritage of providing world class service to our customers”, says Mead. “Our service teams in Hong Kong and Singapore represent some of the most experience double-deck specialists anywhere in the world.”

Helping to “keep watch” on the units will be Volvo’s proven suite of connected services, connecting every vehicle to customers, service points and Volvo Buses. The ability to manage vehicle performance, provide remote diagnostics and collect operational data allows Volvo to provide advice to customers, quickly identifying areas of improvement or saving. The B8L can also be fitted with Volvo’s I-Coaching module, a dash mounted device priding instantaneous feedback to driver about their performance.

Customers part of the project from the start
Key customers from the Asia Pacific region were asked to join the development process to provide feedback and input on the harsh operating conditions in Hong Kong and Singapore. The customers were able to provide input based on their experience and visit Volvo’s development teams in Sweden at key points of the product development process.

One of the customers who worked with Volvo was SBS Transit from Singapore. “SBS Transit is delighted that Volvo Buses is introducing the state of the art, Euro VI B8L Double Deck bus. We are pleased to have contributed a key part in the development process of this product. Based on our experience of operating over 1,100 units of the Volvo Euro V Double Deck, we were able to give inputs to further enhance the performance of the new Volvo Double Deck product. Our heartiest congratulations to Volvo Buses!” said Mr Gan Juay Kiat, CEO, SBS Transit Ltd (Singapore).

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