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The road to a greener, more pleasant city – Electricity provides inspiration at the Volvo Ocean Race in Gothenburg, Sweden

In what ways can the urban environment develop when traffic is powered by electricity and exhaust gases and noise disappear? Visitors to the Volvo Ocean Race in Gothenburg on June 14-21 will face this question and see part of the answer first-hand upon their arrival at the venue.
The road to a greener, more pleasant city – Electricity provides inspiration at the Volvo Ocean Race in Gothenburg, Sweden

Volvo Ocean Race visitors who take the electric bus from the city centre to the race venue in Frihamnen will alight inside the entrance building itself, seeing for themselves a first-hand vision of tomorrow’s sustainable city. What they will see is a lot of light and greenery – and everything growing there can be eaten.

ElectriCity in Gothenburg devised both the design and its contents. Since 2013, a cooperative project linking together the research community, industry and city planners have worked to develop, demonstrate and evaluate a variety of solutions for sustainable city traffic.

“We want to give visitors an understanding of how electrified transport can help significantly change and develop our cities for the better. With cleaner air and less disruptive noise we gain a calmer, healthier environment that inspires a sustainable lifestyle,” says Niklas Gustafsson, Volvo Group, Chairman of ElectriCity.

By electrifying traffic, it is possible to build housing in areas where noise and exhaust fumes were previously an obstacle. Transportation can be spread through more of the day to reduce congestion and traffic queues during peak hours. And where necessary, bus stops and loading bays can be located indoors, providing shelter against rain and wind.

Several examples of the opportunities provided by electrification and its underlying technology are shown in the entry area. It also features a speaker’s corner where the various ElectriCity representatives talk in greater detail about ongoing projects.

During the Volvo Ocean Race on June 14-21 the electric bus will operate at 10-minute intervals on the route between Nordstan and Frihamnen.

Facts, ElectriCity
ElectriCity is a joint project between the research community, industry and the City of Gothenburg, where new solutions for the next generation of sustainable urban traffic are developed, demonstrated and evaluated. The various partners in the ElectriCity project are Volvo Group, Region Västra Götaland, Västtrafik, the City of Gothenburg, Chalmers University of Technology, the Swedish Energy Agency, Johanneberg Science Park, Lindholmen Science Park, Göteborg Energi, Ericsson, Älvstranden Utveckling, Keolis, Akademiska Hus and Chalmersfastigheter.

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