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Volvo receives order for two electric buses for Lillehammer in Norway

Volvo Buses has received an order for two Volvo 7900 Electric buses from Opplandstrafikk in Lillehammer in Norway. This is the premiere for electric bus operations in Lillehammer.
Volvo 7900 Electric buses
The bus will be charged in the depot with a CCS cable.

Public transport company Opplandstrafikk in Lillehammer has ordered 2 electric buses from Volvo Buses. The vehicles will be tested for two years on routes 2, 3, 4 and 5 in Lillehammer. They will be delivered during the second quarter of 2019 and their operation will be handled by Unibuss. After the test period, the plan is for the buses to enter regular traffic.

The electric buses are part of Oppland municipality’s aim to become climate-neutral by 2025. The vehicles are being sold as a complete turnkey solution with Volvo providing all maintenance for the vehicles as well as their batteries, at a fixed monthly cost.

The buses will be charged in the depot via a 150 kW CCS charger. The CCS charger will be supplied by ABB. Energy consumption for Volvo’s electric buses is about 80 per cent lower than for corresponding diesel models.

Besides Lillehammer, the Norwegian cities of Drammen and Trondheim have also bought Volvo’s fully electric bus. The order for 25 Volvo 7900 Electric to Trondheim in the autumn of 2017 is the biggest order for Volvo’s electric buses to date.

Volvo’s electric buses have also been sold to cities in countries such as Sweden, Britain, Luxemburg and Poland. In addition to the all-electric Volvo 7900 Electric, the Volvo Buses range of electrified vehicles includes hybrid buses and electric hybrid (plug-in hybrid) models. All told the company has sold more than 4000 electrified Volvo buses the world over.

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