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Volvo expands its range of coaches with a 15-metre version of the Volvo 9700

Volvo Buses is now expanding its range of award-winning long-distance coaches with yet another variant: the Volvo 9700 is now available in a 15-metre version that can carry up to 65 passengers. At the same time, several door alternatives are being introduced, along with new seat layouts and additional flexibility in varying the allocation of space between passengers and luggage on several versions of the Volvo 9700.
Volvo expands its range of coaches with a 15-metre version of the Volvo 9700

”With the new 15-metre version of the Volvo 9700 we are supplementing our range of long-distance coaches in the premium class with yet another product that has a strong demand on many markets. Thanks to greater transport capacity and more flexibility, our customers get new opportunities to meet their passengers’ high expectations while at the same time enhancing their own productivity,” says Håkan Agnevall, President of Volvo Buses

Both the new 15-metre variant and the 13-metre version of the Volvo 9700 will now be available in versions with the rear passenger door positioned behind the rear axle, creating space for a larger luggage compartment. For the same reason the toilet can also be placed at the rear of the vehicle, a solution that has the added the benefit of better visibility for passengers. The front passenger door is of a new inswing-opening type that makes it easier to enter and exit the coach, even when the pavement is covered in piles of snow or other obstacles.

The Volvo 9700 is powered by an 11-litre engine and for customers who choose the 460 hp version, this model can also run on biodiesel. The coach can be equipped with Volvo Dynamic Steering, which offers enhanced stability while driving and reduces strain on the driver’s shoulders, arms and back.

In order to further increase safety and passenger comfort and at the same time optimise environmental performance, all versions of the Volvo 9700 and Volvo 9900 can be linked to Safety Zone. This system makes it possible to control the vehicle’s speed within selected areas, for instance near schools, hospitals or in city centres where there are many unprotected road users. The operator can conveniently set the maximum speed within specific zones via a computer. Volvo Buses is the only manufacturer to offer such a system.

“Safety Zone is one of many features now easily available to the operator, and via the Volvo Connect App we make it easier for our customers to always maintain full control over their buses. This contributes to increased safety, higher availability and better transport economy,” says Håkan Agnevall.

Volvo’s new range of long-distance coaches was introduced in 2018 and encompasses the Volvo 9900 and Volvo 9700, both of which are available in a wide range of variants. They have been designed around the driver and passengers, and have earned Volvo Buses several awards, including the Sustainable Bus Award 2019 and Red Dot Award 2019.

Vehicle facts
Volvo 9700
. Height, 3.65 m. Length 12/13/14/15 m. Axles 4x2/6x2.
Volvo 9900. Height 3.85 m. Length 12/13/14 m. Axles 4x2/6x2. Sloping theatre floor.
Driveline: Volvo D11 Euro 6 producing 430/460 hp, I-Shift.
Body: Newly developed corrosion-prevention structure. Sandwich-construction roof gives the coach low weight and a low centre of gravity.

Gothenburg October 17, 2019

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