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Volvo Buses secures order for 50 new buses in Hungary

Volánbusz, the largest bus operator in Hungary, has chosen Volvo Buses to supply 50 Volvo 8900 LE buses following a competitive tender process involving several potential partners. Delivery is set for the fourth quarter of 2021.
A Volanbusz Volvo 8900LE in Hungary
The new Volvo 8900 low entry buses will operate in Hungary's largest cities.

Volvo Buses has been awarded the contract to supply the Volvo 8900 low-entry 6x2 axle buses, to operate in Hungary’s largest cities, primarily in suburban areas and intercity traffic.


Arpad Szucs, Country Manager, Volvo Buses Hungary, says: “The 8900 LE is very well-suited to Volánbusz’s city operations, offering excellent performance, versatility and low operating costs. Its impressive fuel efficiency credentials and our ability to meet Volánbusz’s delivery requirements were crucial to securing the order.”  


State-owned Volánbusz is part of the State Railways Company in Hungary. It operates more than 6,200 buses and employs 18,000 people. Volvo buses currently represent a 14 per cent share of the operator’s total fleet.


Arpad Szucs, Country Manager, Volvo Buses Hungary, says: “Volvo Buses has a very close, long-term relationship with Volánbusz. We have the flexibility and experience to adapt to their needs and provide full-service support. We look forward to continuing our successful partnership in the future.”


The latest order of the 50 Volvo 8900 LE buses will be delivered to Volánbusz in various city locations across Hungary throughout the last quarter of 2021.



17 September 2021


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