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OTW-TEC orders 97 additional S-Charge buses for operation in Belgium

Belgian public transport operator Opérateur de Transport de Wallonie (OTW), operating under the commercial name TEC, has ordered 97 Volvo 7900 S-Charge buses. The large order follows previous recent deliveries of Volvo Buses hybrid vehicles which have shown exceptional reliability.
The striking yellow Volvo 7900 S-Charge buses will go into service in Belgium’s Walloon region.
The striking yellow Volvo 7900 S-Charge buses will go into service in Belgium’s Walloon region.

The order was secured through a public tender as part of a larger framework agreement between Volvo Buses and OTW-TEC. In 2021, Volvo Buses delivered 64 Volvo 7900 S-Charge buses; in 2018, around 100 electric hybrid buses were supplied. The new vehicles will go into service in Belgium’s Walloon region.

Excellent reliability ensures continued partnership  
This new order is part of OTW-TEC’s ambition to add 430 hybrid buses to its fleet. With the order, OTW-TEC will have 293 complete Volvo buses in service as well as 177 vehicles with Volvo chassis and bodies supplied by Jonckheere.
“We are very pleased that OTW-TEC continues to order our electrified buses and that we can continue our cooperation to provide sustainable transport in Belgium,” says Bas Dubois, Managing Director, Benelux. “One of the key points is that these buses have shown excellent reliability in operation. The drivers also appreciate the comfort of the driver’s environment.”

Volvo 7900 S-Charge: the bus that offers extended possibilities
Launched in 2020, the Volvo 7900 S-Charge bus is now in operation in more than 25 countries. It does not require charging infrastructure as it continuously self-charges while in operation, recovering energy when braking and driving downhill. It can drive in full-electric mode for up to 1 km and at speeds as high as 50 km/h, which provides the flexibility to adapt to different cities’ public transport needs. Other benefits include significant fuel savings, reduced emissions and low noise for both passengers and nearby residents.

14 February 2023

For more information, contact: Joakim Kenndal, Head of Media Relations, Volvo Buses, phone: +46 739 02 51 50 or email: or Bas Dubois Managing Director, Benelux phone +31 622992038, or email

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