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Prevost introduces the next generation of the H3-45 coach

Prevost – a subsidiary of Volvo Buses – has introduced its all-new, next-generation H3-45 coach for customers in North America. The redesigned passenger coach features a series of engineering advances that deliver improved fuel efficiency, an enhanced driver experience and high standards in passenger comfort.
An all-new H3-45 coach on the road.
Thanks to its aerodynamic design the H3-45 has a sleeker profile and delivers a smoother ride.

“The H3-45 is the Prevost flagship and for the past two decades has set the standard in the industry,” said François Tremblay, President, Prevost. “We’ve re-engineered all aspects of the coach in order to create a best-in-class coach that is an obvious standout. The interior, which has been completely redesigned, was inspired by the automobile and aerospace industries. Everything we executed on the H3-45 we did with the user experience in mind.”

The most striking innovation is the coach’s new aerodynamic shape, which makes it up to 12% more fuel efficient compared to the previous model.

“Improved fuel efficiency is vital for supporting our customers to reduce costs and for reducing emissions, and the new, updated H3-45 is well aligned with these ambitions,”  says Anna Westerberg, President of Volvo Buses.

Innovative design for smoother, safer coach travel

In addition to saving fuel, the new coach’s sleek profile also results in a smoother ride and significantly reduces noise, which makes the coach easier and more comfortable to drive. Another advantage of its aerodynamic design is less soil dispersion, resulting in better visibility and an overall cleaner exterior.

For passengers, some of the new features include a redesigned, larger entrance that makes boarding smoother and easier. In addition, the interior has 50% more lighting to provide a brighter and more enjoyable experience and a new window layout delivers better sightlines and views.

Easy to drive, easy to maintain

To help make maintenance easier for operators, Prevost has made a number of changes, such as a new lighting system, which is all LED for a longer life and has a cleaning mode to fully illuminate the cabin for better visibility during interior cleaning and upkeep. For ease of maintenance, a front panel has been added to conveniently access and service the wiper and defrost systems and driver air conditioning units.

The H3-45 was introduced during the 2023 United Motorcoach Association EXPO in Orlando, Florida.

19 January 2023

For more information, contact: Megan White, Media Relations at Prevost, phone 1+ (336) 662-1764 or email: or Joakim Kenndal, Head of Media Relations, Volvo Buses, phone: +46 739 02 51 50 or email:

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