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Volvo Buses receives order for 31 Volvo 9700 double deckers

Public transport operator Keolis has ordered 31 Volvo 9700 double decker buses to be delivered to Gothenburg, Sweden, by the summer of 2025. 26 of the buses will operate in express traffic in the city and five will run on an intercity route from nearby town Borås.
A Volvo 9700 double decker
The new double deckers will join a further 22 Volvo 9700 DD buses that Keolis already operates in and around Gothenburg.

“We continue to build on our relationship with Keolis and are very pleased that they appreciate our upgraded Volvo 9700 DD,” says Andreas Baljhagen, Key Account Manager at Volvo Buses.

The double deckers will join a further 22 Volvo 9700 DD buses that Keolis already operates in and around the city. The coaches will feature the recently launched B13R engine, offering fuel savings of up to 9 percent and the possibility to use different types of fuel for more sustainable operations.

“One key factor is that the coaches have triple fuel flexibility and can be run on diesel, or biodiesel, HVO or RME that gives us flexibility to choose from. That and the quality of the coaches and the positive experience we and the passengers have had with the previous Volvo 9700 DD was important in the selection process for the new coaches,” says Karl Orton, Fleet Director at Keolis.

The Volvo 9700 DD was launched in Scandinavia in 2020. It has been a great success in a tough and competitive market environment.

“Even though our double decker is quite new we are taking market shares in this segment. That proves that we have a very good premium product that is much appreciated by the market and the customers,” says Andreas Baljhagen.

The double deckers are 4.25m high and 14.8m long and can carry 75-80 seated passengers in these two configurations. They are equipped with both camera view mirrors and the latest active safety systems – improving safety for both drivers, passengers and other road users. The bodies for the Volvo 9700 DD will continue to be made by the bodybuilder Carrus Delta in Finland.

4 June 2024

For more information, contact: Joakim Kenndal, Head of Media Relations, Volvo Buses, phone: +46 739 02 51 50 or email:

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