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Why original spare parts pay back. Debunking the myths of expensive original spare parts

Spare parts represent a fair share of the maintenance cost for bus and coach owners. And spare part prices can vary considerably. Why should you buy original spare parts when there are alternatives at much lower cost? Our parts expert Roland Henriksson sorts things out and explains how price and cost are two very different things.
Roland Henriksson, responsible for Volvo Buses Circular Parts Business and Chassis & Body Parts assortment
Roland Henriksson responsible for Volvo Buses Circular Parts Business and Chassis & Body Parts assortment asserts: “New parts, Reman or Refurbished are all Volvo original, and takes uncertainties out of the maintenance equation”.

What is the main reason for buying original Volvo parts?

Well, maybe it’s a surprise but the most obvious upside is cost. And we mean the total cost of ownership during the vehicle’s lifetime. We know for a fact that Genuine Volvo Parts have a high and consistent quality, and that they perfectly match the technical environment in which they function. You could say that all the Volvo parts are made for each other. So basically, it’s a quality matter. Genuine Volvo Parts and Genuine Volvo Service will keep the vehicle at the specified quality level. One single, unexpected breakdown of a non-genuine part will effectively wipe out any saving on parts price.


Are third-party spare parts equally good in quality?

In theory, they could be. The problem is that you don’t know. You don’t know how they are manufactures, how they are tested or, most importantly, how long they will last. Durability is something that can only be secured by full control of the manufacturing process – from engineering and choice of material to tests and production quality assurance. Here, Volvo can assure that the parts are identical to those used in the vehicle when it left the factory.

What do you say to a bus owner who wants to save money on spare parts?

Buy original. Saving on parts price can turn out terribly expensive. All original parts pay off in the long run, compared with counterfeit. Having said that, Volvo fully understand the operatorsʼ everyday realities. And to support, in particular, vehicles of some age, we offer remanufactured and refurbished parts. A Volvo Reman part has been remanufactured to its original condition and is always up to the latest technical specifications. And since it must meet the same quality standards as a brand-new part offering, we also give the same warranty as for new parts. Same quality at a good price.

A sign of reassurance. The Blue Box on your storage shelf is a visual reminder of sustained quality when using Genuine Volvo Parts

What is the price difference between new, reman and third-party spare parts?

Well, that depends on which part we are talking about, but a Volvo Reman Part will easily outperform any third-party alternative, considering quality for money. Especially for critical components such as turbo units, charging equipment, air compressors and water. Not to mention replacement engines, where the saving really makes a difference.

What are the other benefits of Reman Parts?

Remanufacturing means less use of raw materials – and less use of energy in production. For a manufacturer of Volvo’s size that will mean a significant reduction of environmental impact. And since Volvo Reman fulfils the original specification, they are qualified to be offered as Genuine Volvo Parts.

Why are spare parts important for the vehicle’s safety?

That’s something some seem to forget about. But some types of spare parts have direct and crucial safety functions. The most drastic example is brakes. Discs and brake pads with insufficient material composition could lead to sudden loss of brake power and ultimately an accident. A cheap alternator may not function properly with the electrical system. And a failing water pump could mean overheating.

What is the difference between original spare parts and counterfeit?

It's consistent quality assurance. New parts, Reman or Refurbished are all Volvo original, and takes uncertainties out of the maintenance equation. The fact remains that the way we produce, test and follow up the quality of Genuine Volvo Parts, we can assure you that your Volvo remains a Volvo – inside out. It’s simply the safer choice.

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