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“The Volvo BZR Electric is a platform for the future”

The Volvo BZR Electric is much more than just a new product. Based on the popular and robust B8R universal chassis, with well-proven electric driveline and state-of-the-art batteries from the Volvo Group, the platform enables the electrification of new segments worldwide. Here, Volvo Buses' Fredrik Björn explains the recipe for success.
Portrait of Fredrik Björn, Product Director City, Business Unit Chassis at Volvo Buses
Fredrik Björn is Product Director City, Business Unit Chassis at Volvo Buses. During the development of the Volvo BZR Electric, he has been the link between the markets and the development team.

How would you describe the Volvo BZR Electric?
"The Volvo BZR Electric is a global, versatile platform that creates endless configuration opportunities. We can see great demand for sustainable transport in all parts of the world, and our customers are now ready to electrify segments other than city traffic. With the Volvo BZR Electric, we are meeting that demand while creating the opportunity to add even more variants and segments in the future."

What types of operations can the Volvo BZR Electric be used for?

"It can be used for various operations in many different segments! Everything from busy urban environments where our Volvo 7900 Electric and BZL are used today, to BRT, high-capacity intercity and commuter traffic. It is also perfect for light coach applications such as airport transport or driving tourists to nearby destinations. Another segment where we see the Volvo BZR Electric playing an important role is for school buses and personnel transport.”

What is the recipe for the Volvo BZR Electric? What ingredients have you used to develop the new platform?

"In developing this new platform, we have combined the best of our existing offerings with the very latest technology. The base is our well-proven B8R, a real workhorse loved by our customers around the world. We have also added Cube batteries, a brand-new battery developed by the Volvo Group and used in the Volvo FH Electric truck. The driveline, electric motor and gearbox come from our current electric platforms, which have delivered proven performance and reliability. Our two integrated cooling systems, developed specifically for the BZR platform to increase energy efficiency, is the newest ingredient.”

You have also added several updates to the entire Volvo Buses’ product range. What does this mean for the Volvo BZR Electric?

“This means that the BZR platform has the latest technology from Volvo Buses and is well prepared for future updates and new functions. The updates to our product range include, for example, new electronic architecture with a new cluster and dashboard. We also have new electric hydraulic steering solutions for the front and tag axle. And we are introducing the third generation of Volvo Safety Systems, which go beyond the legislative requirements.”

What are the main benefits for Volvo Buses’ customers?

“One benefit is that we have created one global platform that supports a huge product range. The base is well known among our customers and bodybuilders, making the transition to electric buses easy and safe. Volvo batteries, and common architecture and shared technology within the Volvo Group, mean parts commonality and global availability, as well as a highly trained service network, bringing upsides in maintenance for our customers.
“In addition, the Volvo electric driveline, electric motors and transmission ensure superior energy efficiency. The platform's flexibility also means that our customers can choose a solution that suits them best, both in terms of the number of axles and low-entry or high-floor. They can decide whether to have four or six batteries and where to place them. The BZR also offers flexible charging options – CCS, OppCharge or a combination of both.”

What is the significance of the Volvo BZR Electric being a global platform?

“In addition to the benefits already mentioned, it means that the BZR is designed to operate in all conditions, topographies and climates, and can operate in temperatures from -40 to +50 degrees Celsius. The platform’s flexibility makes it easy to optimize the product to suit local needs and requirements.”

What are the different variants of the Volvo BZR Electric?

“The Volvo BZR platform starts with four variants: two-axle, three-axle, high-floor and low-entry. This means that we can already meet a lot of our customers’ different needs. We will also continue to develop the platform for BRT with artic and bi-artic buses and comfortable coaches. Volvo Buses is constantly developing new systems and solutions and that will be easily integrated into this platform. The Volvo BZR Electric is built to be a platform for the future.”

When will the Volvo BZR Electric be on the market?

"Production will start in 2025, and we will deliver the first buses the same year. Sales of the Volvo BZR Electric will begin at the end of 2024. We are seeing a lot of interest in the platform already, and anyone wanting to learn more is very welcome to contact our local sales representatives.”

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