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Next generation of integrated active safety systems an important step towards Zero Accidents

Volvo Buses is unveiling a new and updated range of smart safety systems designed to assist drivers and further improve safety for bus occupants as well as other road users. Head of Safety Thomas Forsberg explains why the features go beyond legal demands, are fully integrated into the driver environment and will be available globally.
Thomas Forsberg, Head of Safety, standing in front of a Volvo bus
“Volvo Buses has designed an integrated safety system without multiple warning displays that can be harder for the driver to keep track of,” says Thomas Forsberg, Head of Safety.

“Traffic safety is an important area for Volvo Buses, and we are ahead of the curve,” says Thomas Forsberg, Head of Safety.

Volvo Buses is now launching several new and updated advanced driver assist safety systems, an area that is under continuous development within the Volvo Group. This is another important step towards its vision of Zero Accidents.

Volvo Buses’ three perspectives on safety

The new and updated safety systems are an important part of Volvo Buses’ safety perspective, which help ensure it provides the best preconditions for safe driving to avoid collisions and, if an accident is unavoidable, minimize their consequences. 

The perspectives consist of three levels - Safe Driving with clear margins for error and Collision Avoidance, both enabled by the use of the active safety systems that assist the driver. Finally, Collision Protection - features on the bus that protect the driver, passengers, and other road users when a collision cannot be avoided.

The new and updated active safety systems have been carefully developed to support drivers and help protect all road users, especially pedestrians and cyclists.

Exceeding the legal safety demands

Many of the systems are already available on Volvo buses and exceed the EU’s General Safety Regulations (GSR), which start to come into force mid-2024. The GSR, which makes several advanced driver support systems mandatory, aims to increase road safety and improve the protection of vehicle occupants and other road users. By introducing the legislation, the EU expects to save over 25,000 lives and avoid 140,000 injuries by 2038.

“In fact, many of our active safety solutions go above and beyond what is legally required, and some were available long before they became mandatory,” says Thomas Forsberg. “For example, Side Collision Avoidance Support is offered on both sides of the bus, even though the upcoming regulation only requires detection on the passenger side. Volvo’s Collision Warning with Emergency Brake has been updated and improved, and now embraces scenarios involving vulnerable road users.”

Another useful safety feature that supports safe driving through speed management is the ISA, Intelligent Speed Assistance with road sign recognition. This function shows the driver the current speed limit, plus other information about the stretch of road, for example low bridges or sharp curves ahead, exceeding legal demands.

Seamless, integrated safety systems – for enhanced safe driving

The active safety systems offer a unique selling point – they are all developed in-house and integrated into the vehicle architecture as well as the driver environment. Information captured by sensors about the surrounding traffic environment is delivered and presented on each side of the driver or in the central instrument cluster.

“What are the best sensors on a bus? Of course, it is the eyes of the driver and those should be on the road as much as possible. For this reason, Volvo Buses has designed an integrated safety system without multiple warning displays that can be harder for the driver to keep track of,” says Thomas Forsberg.

New active safety feature Side Collision Avoidance Support is available on both sides of the bus, exceeding legal requirements.

A global active safety offering

While the new active safety regulation is only enforced in Europe, Thomas Forsberg believes it is crucial that the systems are offered across all markets.

“We know that the traffic environment differs a lot between different continents. Some countries have come a long way on their journey to reduce traffic accidents, while others have a lot left to do. However, our systems are developed to be implemented anywhere, so from that perspective we are happy to contribute to a safer traffic environment on a global scale. Why wait? Safety has always been of utmost importance to Volvo Buses, so we are making our systems available across all markets, irrespective of legal legislation.”

Want to know more about our active safety systems? Download our fact sheet.
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