Volvo Buses


Order for 133 buses from Concordia in Sweden

Volvo Buses Sweden has received an order for 133 buses and coaches from Concordia.
The buses and coaches will operate throughout Sweden and the order is for the Volvo 8500, Volvo 8700 and Volvo 9700.

Concordia is a major company with various subsidiaries, of which the largest is Swebus. Swebus recently won the contract for all commuter, line haul and school bus services in Dalarna, Sweden. A majority of Volvo Buses’ order is buses for these services.

”We will supply 75 buses to Dalarna,” says Stefan Guttman, President of Volvo Buses Sweden.
“Volvo Buses will supply 85 per cent of the tender.” 

Other buses in this major order will add to Swebus’ fleet in various parts of Sweden and another part is coaches for Concordia’s subsidiaries, Swebus Express and Interbus.

These buses and coaches will cover most versions of the Volvo 8500, Volvo 8700 and Volvo 9700. Deliveries will take place between March and October 2006. Most of the buses and coaches will come with the new Euro 4 engines and the I-shift gearbox.

Much of the focus in the purchase concerned fuel consumption and as an element in this, all Volvo buses and coaches will be equipped with Dynafleet. This will enable customers to actively work at keeping fuel costs down.

November 8, 2005