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Volvo launches B9R chassis on Brazilian market

Volvo is launching the B9R, the market’s most advanced coach chassis, on the Brazilian market. With a 9-liter rear engine and a 4x2 configuration, the B9R was developed to meet the Brazilian operator market’s most stringent availability, fuel consumption, safety and comfort demands.

Currently, Volvo Buses only sells chassis with 12-liter engines for the coach markets in South America. Through the new Volvo B9R, the company is broadening its product offering.

“This is a vehicle that brings together Volvo’s experience in performance, safety and economy, with all the brand’s service and support tools to ensure higher levels of availability,” says Per Gabell, President of Volvo Bus Latin America.

The new model of chassis offers the best performance-economy ratio among all the vehicles in this class.

 “The B9R brings together the leading edge in intercity and tourist coach technology,” says Gabell.

The B9R is the only chassis on the Brazilian market featuring the EBS-5 (Electronic Brake System) braking system, a technology that ensures the highest safety for passengers and driver.

 “Volvo is the only manufacturer to offer a bus chassis with disk brakes and ABS systems as standard equipment,” adds Luiz Caparelli, Sales Manager, Volvo Bus Latin America.

The B9R is equipped with BEA2 electronic architecture, now in its second generation, which offers even greater benefits for operators. Drivers now have on their on-board computer display providing data on dozens of information items for the engine, gearbox, brakes, suspension and external lights. Electronic Suspension, VEB (Volvo Engine Brake) and the intelligent I-Shift gearbox are standard items in this new chassis. Optionally, Volvo also offers a retarder.

Powerful and economic, the Volvo B9R is being offered with the 9-liter D9B engine, in 340- and 380-hp versions, with torques of 1600Nm and 1700Nm, respectively. The vehicle also features electronically controlled air suspension and disk brakes.

“It’s a robust chassis and a competitive alternative for all types of highway conditions,” says Per Gabell. We will launch Volvo B9R also at other South American markets.

Volvo B9R for the South American markets will be produced at Volvo Buses plant in Curitiba, Brazil.


August 21, 2007

For further information, please contact Per-Martin Johansson, press officer, +46 31 322 52 00