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Volvo 9700 named “Coach of the Year” in Slovenia

The Volvo 9700 has been named “Coach of the Year 2008” in Slovenia. The jury praised Volvo’s advanced technology, environmental care and value for money.

The successes for the new Volvo 9700 continue. Last year it was named “Coach of the Year” in Europe by a jury comprising journalists from the leading trade press magazines in Europe. Now the bus has received the same recognition in Slovenia. On this occasion, it was two local trade press magazines that organized the competition involving commercial vehicles.

The competition was conducted in three stages. First the jury nominated three buses. In addition to the Volvo 9700, the Irisbus Magelys and the Scania Irizar i4 were included. In the second stage, the magazines’ readers voted for their favorite by submitting a coupon or voting on the Internet. In the third stage, the jury rated the buses in five categories: value for money, environmental care, maintenance costs, technology and adaptation for the Slovenian market.

The final tally was that the Volvo 9700 was named “Coach of the Year” and the result was announced at a ceremony in Ljubljana at the end of January. 

February 7, 2008

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