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Volvo’s new web-based tool saves money, fuel and the environment

Volvo Buses’ new Web-based tool – Volvo Bus Telematics – gives bus operators better control over their vehicles’ fuel consumption and allows them to tailor maintenance to meet individual needs. These are measures that can deliver fuel savings of about 10 percent. The hardware is fitted as standard in Volvo’s hybrid bus.

Volvo Bus Telematics gives the operator full control over how each bus is being driven and how much fuel it is using under various operating conditions. This information can be used to trace any discrepancies that might occur and also as the starting point for driver training courses that focus on fuel-efficient and environmentally optimised driving. These are measures that can lead to fuel savings of about 10 percent.

Hardware fitted as standard in Volvo’s hybrid bus
“Volvo Bus Telematics is the perfect tool to save fuel, money and the environment, irrespective of whether you operate one bus or one hundred. Volvo’s hybrid buses are fitted as standard with Volvo Bus Telematics hardware. This means that the operator has convenient access to a number of web-based services that contribute to better productivity, fuel efficiency and vehicle uptime,” says Marie Carlsson, Director Business Solutions, Europe, at Volvo Buses.

Needs-tailored maintenance means more time on the road
With detailed on-board information, bus maintenance can be optimised in response to individual needs. This means that the bus’s uptime is maximised while at the same time avoiding problems and repairs. In order to simplify planning, the time required for service is also calculated, along with the parts needed.

Standard solution with many functions
Volvo Bus Telematics consists of three modules: Fleet Management with reports on fuel economy and environmental impact, Vehicle Management for maintenance planning, and Traffic Management for planning the vehicle’s everyday operation. Fleet Management and Vehicle Management are standardised services.

More information about Volvo Bus Telematics is available on the Volvo Buses YouTube channel:

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