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New bus seats for increased productivity and better comfort

Seats that are more comfortable, weigh less and boost the operator’s productivity. This is what Volvo Buses is launching in autumn 2012 in its Volvo 9500, 9700 and 9900 tourist coaches and Volvo 8900 intercity bus.

Volvo Buses has developed a new bus seat for installation in the Volvo 9500, 9700 and 9900 tourist coaches and the Volvo 8900 intercity bus. The seat was developed in cooperation with one of Volvo’s biggest seat suppliers. The new seat offers improved ergonomics and is better suited to a greater variety of passenger builds, whether men or women, adults or children. It also weighs less.

“We wanted to create a light and airy design and a different dynamic inside the bus. In the bargain we’ve built a seat that weighs less, which in turn reduces fuel consumption. This is just one example of how we have combined design properties with better functionality,” says Johnny Johnsson, Product Manager Coach, Europe at Volvo Buses.
“The weight saving is about 120 kg per bus. New seats throughout a bus fleet will save both money and the environment.”

The new seat will be available in four different comfort and equipment levels, making it suitable for both exclusive tourist coaches and intercity buses. The seat and its components are recyclable. The new seat has several features that contribute to better productivity. Customers can replace damaged backrests and seat cushions in their own workshops or at a Volvo dealer. The padding in the cushion and backrest is also easy to replace. With the help of a Quick Lock system it is easy to adjust seat layout. The new seat is not only available on new buses and coaches but can also be retrofitted in vehicles with Volvo’s TS/TK 2000 seats.

Facts, Volvo’s new seats:
• Lower weight and higher passenger and luggage capacity
• Lower fuel consumption
• Increased comfort for men/women and also for short/tall passengers
• Increased safety, 2-point seat belts as standard, 3-point belts optional
• Easy to repair and maintain
• Four comfort variants and a wide range of accessories and equipment

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For more information, please contact:
Helena Lind, Media & Marketing Manager, Volvo Bus Corporation
+ 46 765 53 62 57