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Volvo Bus I-Coaching tool: Driving skills improves fuel efficiency

Volvo Buses now adds a new feature to its range of services that help operators improve fuel efficiency and uptime. Through instant feedback, I-Coaching assists the driver to drive more economically and safely. “With improved driving performance, it’s fully possible to achieve fuel savings of up to 10 percent”, says Marie Carlsson, Director Business Solutions, Europe, Volvo Buses.

Fuel efficiency and uptime are main concerns of bus operators. Volvo Bus I-Coaching is the latest example of services from Volvo Buses that helps operators increase fuel efficiency, uptime and passenger comfort.

The I-Coaching unit is located on the dashboard in the bus. It monitors a number of driving parameters and provides instant feedback when one or more of them are exceeded. The parameters include over revving, excessive idling, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, over speeding and harsh curving.

The driving parameters are logged and summarised in reports. The statistics show clearly if there is a need for adjustment of the driving style.

“I-Coaching assists the driver to handle the bus safely and more fuel-efficient. It also helps to increase passenger comfort. The bus operator gets a detailed feedback on how the buses are utilized, and what actions are needed to avoid recurring problems,” explains Marie Carlsson, Director Business Solutions, Europe, Volvo Buses.

The I-Coaching user interface consists of a sleek pod installed in the driver’s field of vision. It communicates with the Fleet Management hardware via the vehicle computer.

Volvo Bus Services is a portfolio of soft products. Examples of modules are: Fleet Management, Vehicle Management, Traffic Management, Hybrid Battery Contract, Financing and Refurbishing services.

Volvo Bus I-Coaching:
Dimension: 82x51x18 mm
Power consumption: <30 mA @24 V
Display: LED backlit fixed screen

Key benefits:
Increased fuel efficiency
Increased uptime
Improved passenger comfort
Reduced service and maintenance costs
More motivated drivers


For further information, please contact:
Helena Lind, Manager Media Relations, Volvo Bus Corporation
Phone: +46 (0)31-323 62 57