Volvo Buses


Volvo develops buses that contribute to safer, cleaner and quieter cities

In tomorrow’s city, buses will contribute to a more pleasant environment, one that is safer and without noise and emissions. They can be programmed to automatically switch to electric power and drive at low speed in sensitive city areas. This becomes a reality with new technology from Volvo Buses.

Electrified vehicles in combination with GPS technology makes it possible to control how the bus operates in specific zones along the route. With Volvo Buses’ new Zone Management system, GPS is used to determine where along the route the bus should run on electricity or diesel, and how fast it may drive in the various zones.

“The bus can be pre-programmed to adjust both fuel source and speed to suit the zone in which it is currently driving. When it enters a zero-emission zone, it automatically switches to pure electric power without the driver having to do anything,” explains Marie Carlsson, Director Business Solutions, Volvo Buses.

By setting map boundaries and downloading them to the vehicle’s software, it is possible to create zones in order to apply recommendations, rules and restrictions to vehicles entering a zone.

“This technology makes it possible to bring the bus closer to the areas where people move around: their homes, shopping centres, hospitals and schools. It’s an excellent example of how Volvo is developing technology that makes public transport more accessible, safer and cleaner.”

The new technology has been tested on Volvo Buses’ electric hybrid buses that have been operating in Gothenburg over the past year.

Low-speed zones and zero-emission zones will be the first functions to be launched in early 2015. The complete Zone Management system will be fully developed in 2016. The service will be integrated in the Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid.

Volvo Zone Management

  • Software that divides the bus route into different zones: low-speed, zero-emission and so on.
  • The zone parameters are downloaded to the bus, which automatically switches to the relevant mode without the driver having to do anything.
  • The use of Zone Management requires installation of Volvo Bus Fleet Management.