Volvo Buses


Volvo’s electric hybrid buses in operation in Stockholm

A bus route that is entirely served by Volvo’s quiet, fuel-efficient and practically emission-free electric hybrid buses is now set to become reality in Stockholm. A total of eight electric hybrid buses will be deployed on route 73 which passes through the central areas of Stockholm, starting on March 16.

Volvo’s electric hybrid buses will replace all of the existing buses on route 73, which runs between Ropsten and the Karolinska Institute in central Stockholm.


“More and more cities now regard electrified bus traffic as a cost-efficient way of reducing the problems of poor air quality and noise. Our solution makes travel more attractive and improves the environment without the need for large investments in new infrastructure. In Stockholm, we have yet another opportunity to demonstrate electric hybrid technology under commercial conditions,” says Volvo Buses’ President Håkan Agnevall.


Quiet and emission-free

Volvo’s electric hybrid buses will operate quietly and free of emissions on renewable electricity for seven of the route’s slightly more than eight kilometers, and the batteries will be quick-charged for only six minutes at the end stops. As a complement, the buses also have a small diesel engine that is driven on biodiesel. Compared with conventional buses, the electric hybrids provide considerable environmental gains. The total energy consumption is 601 percent lower. Climate-impacting emissions are reduced by 901 percent since the buses will use biodiesel and wind power. The noise level during electrical operation is at the same level as ordinary conversational tone.


Collaboration project

Services using electric hybrid buses in Stockholm comprise a demonstration project conducted by Volvo Buses, SL (Stockholm Public Transport) and energy provider Vattenfall. It is part-financed by the EU through the ZeEUS (Zero Emission Urban Bus System) project, in which more than 40 companies and organizations are participating. Following the initial demonstration project that will continue until the end of 2016, the intention is to continue using the electric hybrids in commercial operation.


Volvos electric hybrids have also been used in commercial service in Hamburg, Germany, since December 2014. 


Facts about the Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid

  • Quiet and free of emissions when driven on electricity.

  • Can be driven at least seven kilometres on electricity alone, covering the distance silently and entirely without exhaust emissions.

  • 60 percent lower energy consumption compared with a conventional diesel bus.

  • 75 –90 percent lower carbon dioxide emissions than a conventional diesel bus depending on the fuel.

  • Quick-charge at end stops in six minutes

  1. Estimated value on a city bus route of 10 kilometres, compared to a diesel bus Euro 6.