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Busworld Kortrijk: Unveiling of Volvo Dynamic Steering and the Volvo 7900 Electric

When Volvo Buses participates in the Busworld exhibition in Kortrijk, Belgium, in October, the spotlight will fall on two major new products: The unique Volvo Dynamic Steering stabilisation system and the Volvo 7900 Electric – Volvo’s first series produced electric bus under its own brand.

Volvo Dynamic Steering (VDS) is currently being integrated into several of Volvo’s coach models. The system enables substantially better directional stability, comfort and safety and reduces the risk of drivers incurring occupational injuries. A feature of Volvo’s trucks since 2013, VDS is one of the manufacturer’s most significant and acclaimed innovations of recent years.

More stable, simplified driving performance
VDS automatically compensates for uneven road surfaces, eliminating vibration and steering kicks. When driving at low speeds, steering wheel inertia is reduced by around 75 per cent, which also makes reversing easier. The system also facilitates steering, with the wheel automatically returning to centre when the driver’s grip is loosened somewhat. At high speeds, the bus maintains consistent direction, even on poor road surfaces.

Volvo’s first series produced electric bus
Busworld Kortrijk also marks the global unveiling of the Volvo 7900 Electric, Volvo Buses’ first mass-produced city bus powered exclusively by electricity. Quiet and emission free, the model is around 80 per cent more energy-efficient than a conventional diesel bus. The bus’s batteries are charged through the energy generated during engine braking, as well as at bus stops via the power grid.

A battery charge via the power grid takes less than 6 minutes, corresponding to around 10 km of driving. The Volvo 7900 is available in a 12 m design. The launch means Volvo Buses now boasts a comprehensive range of electrified buses. The Volvo 7900 Electric joins stablemates the Volvo 7900 Hybrid (also available as an articulated bus) and the Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid. In total, Volvo has sold in excess of 2,200 electrified buses since the introduction of its hybrid models in 2010.  

Volvo Buses can be found at stand 502.

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Picture caption: The unique Volvo Dynamic Steering stabilisation system is now available on Volvo coaches.