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With the Volvo 7900 Electric range you get the flexibility to tailor passenger capacity and charging solutions to match your operation. World-class driver ergonomics and pioneering safety are Volvo hallmarks, and our electric buses offer a silent and comfortable experience for both drivers and passengers alike.

Length: 12 m, 18 m or 18.7 m

Maximum passenger capacity: 98 (12 m), 150 (Articulated)

Power and drivability

Volvo’s electric buses feature powerful electric Volvo drivelines and optimised transmissions, delivering power and driveability for safe operation in the most demanding conditions. The Articulated model has a dual motor with a power output of no less than 540 hp to ensure the same reliable uphill performance as a 12-metre bus. Fully loaded, it can maintain more than 50 km/h on a 6% uphill gradient, and the Hill Start function guarantees safe starts with heavy loads even on a 20% uphill gradient.

How much energy do you need

Passenger capacity and driving range between charges are important parameters in deciding how to configure the on-board energy storage system. At Volvo we’ve taken this an important step further. Together with the operator we determine the energy demand for the route, and then we guarantee that this capacity will be available. We offer this as the Useable Energy Commitment, and your benefit is that there’s no need to worry about batteries any more.

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Driver comfort for zero driver turnover

The Volvo 7900 Electric is designed around the driver, making driving impressively easy, quiet and comfortable. The silent workspace, the ergonomic driver’s environment and Volvo Dynamic Steering reduce stress and improve working comfort. It’s a workplace that is designed in every way to attract, recruit and retain skilled drivers and bring the driver turnover to zero.

Low interior noise

The silent atmosphere makes it easier to talk to others and you can lower the volume when listening to music. The low interior noise is also a big relief for the driver, helping to reduce stress and stay more focused and alert.

Ergonomic design

The comfortable driver’s environment in a Volvo 7900 Electric is probably one of the best available, with world-class ergonomic design and superior visibility. The smooth electric propulsion also means less vibration when driving.

Volvo Dynamic Steering (VDS)

Volvo Dynamic Steering takes most of the effort out of driving a bus. The effortless manoeuvring in roundabouts and when cornering is a major benefit for the driver and significantly reduces the risk of injuries in the neck, shoulders and arms.


At Volvo we always put safety first. The Volvo 7900 Electric features a range of safety technologies and driver support systems to help prevent accidents. Zone Management with Safety Zones, Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection and the option of safety belts on all seats are just a few examples.

Safety Zones

Volvo Safety Zones lets you define your own areas where particularly careful driving is required. In such a zone, the vehicle's speed is automatically limited to a speed you decide, for example when passing by schools and hospitals or in your depot.

Pedestrian & Cyclist Detection System

The Volvo 7900 Electric can be equipped with our Pedestrian & Cyclist Detection System. It’s a warning system that alerts the driver when there is a risk of collision with unprotected road users in front of the bus.

Side detection system

The Volvo 7900 Electric can be specified with a side detection system. Sensors on the kerb side help the driver monitor that side of the bus and reduce the risk of collision when cornering.

Front Impact Protection System

The Volvo 7900 Electric features a reinforced front impact protection system. It exceeds the requirements of the R29 front impact test, which is a legal requirement for heavy duty trucks, although not yet for buses. Another example of how Volvo goes beyond legislation.

Rear view cameras

As an option you can replace the exterior rear view mirrors with cameras. You get a better view to the rear, on interior displays optimally placed in your field of vision. And your forward field of vision is not disturbed by the outside mirror structure.

AVAS – Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System

Electric buses are very silent – and that’s a good thing in general. But in some situations, such as at a bus stop, you may not hear the bus approaching. The solution is AVAS – Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System – which is a synthetic sound designed to notify the immediate surrounding.

Superior interior comfort

No matter if the weather outside is Arctic cold or Mediterranean hot, the Volvo 7900 Electric has been proven to guarantee a perfect interior climate.The bus is equipped with separate automatic climate systems for the passengers and driver, ensuring optimum working conditions. The heating system is 100% emission-free all the way down to -5° C. Below that a fuel heater that can run on HVO or biodiesel for maximum environmental efficiency will support a good interior climate.


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