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Explore the Volvo 8900 Electric

Volvo 8900 Electric is perfectly suited for electric urban transport and short to medium transit bus operations. The low front-door threshold makes boarding easy and the floor layout ensures a smooth passenger flow. Several interior options let you tailor the Volvo 8900 Electric to your operation.

A future-proof electromobility concept

Volvo 8900 Electric is built on our multi-purpose platform for electric buses. It features several components and subsystems common to the entire Volvo Group, which means increased cost-efficiency for parts, logistics, and service programs.

A dream to drive

Handling the Volvo 8900 Electric is effortless – especially if you specify your bus with Volvo Dynamic Steering. A sturdy and well-balanced chassis further underscores the distinct road behavior.


Power or more power

Volvo 8900 Electric has massive power resources. With dual engines there is 400 kW of motor output available, equal to 540 hp. Still, the energy management makes sure that only the right amount is used. And the two-speed gearbox and acceleration limiter further enhance energy efficiency.

Specifications for the Volvo BZR Electric

Flexible charging – unlimited range

Some routes are more demanding than others. This is why Volvo 8900 has two types of charging interface: CCS and OppCharge. With on-route charging, you can reduce the number of batteries, increase passenger capacity and get more or less unlimited daily range.

A new level of driver performance

Advanced driver assistance

Volvo 8900 Electric offers an array of intelligent features that help the driver to drive safely and avoid accidents, injuries and damage. Smart sensors and advanced software detect events that could lead to dangerous situations, with an additional focus on pedestrians and cyclists.

More about safe driving

Designed around the driver

The driver’s environment in the Volvo 8900 is probably one of the best available, with world-class ergonomics and superior visibility. The adjustable dashboard features easy-to-read instruments and controls located logically, helping the driver stay focused and alert.

Volvo Dynamic Steering(VDS)

A bus driver turns the wheel thousands of times every shift. VDS can significantly reduce strain and injuries in the neck, shoulders and arms, especially for drivers who have a shorter reach. With VDS we can expect a clear reduction in sick days and rehabilitation costs.

A premium onboard experience

Commuting comfort

The Volvo 8900 Electric offers seat options ranging from space-efficient city seats to high-spec intercity comfort. Smart textiles make for long-lasting freshness and easy cleaning. All seats can be equipped with three-point seat belts, booster cushions and even integrated rear-facing child seats.

Bright, spacious and silent

In the Volvo 8900 Electric the interior is bright and spacious and the upgraded ventilation keeps the climate controlled. Visibility is very good, and the interior noise level is low. And a ramp facilitates boarding for passengers with physical disabilities.

Safety features

Active safety systems

Volvo offers an array of active safety feratures, that help the driver to drive safely and avoid accidents, injuries and damage. Excellent visibility and ergonomics help the driver to stay focused and alert.


Forward Collision Warning

Intelligent Speed Assist

Side Collision Avoidance Support

Front Short Range Assist

Lane Keeping Support

Driver Alert Support

Tire Pressure Monitoring System


More about active safety

Safer driving

Safety is a cornerstone already in the initial phases of our product development. Drivability, road handling and a predictable behaviour is the foundation for Volvo’s holistic safety architecture, aiming at our vision of zero accidents.



Volvo Dynamic Steering

Safety Zones

Electronic Stability Control


 More about safe driving

Protection systems

Volvo has the industry’s strongest reputation for safety innovations. The Volvo 8900 Electric is equipped with a sturdy internal structure and several protective features that significantly reduce the risk of serious injuries in the unlikely event of a collision.


Front Impact Protection

Knee Impact Protection

Front Underrun Protection

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