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With the Volvo BZL Electric you get proven e-mobility technology, high passenger capacity and charging solutions to match your operation. A premium chassis built to the highest standards is the foundation of our electric buses, offering a silent and comfortable experience for both drivers and passengers alike.

Designed for flexibility

The Volvo BZL Electric comes with multiple options for the bodybuilder. Wheelbase and overhang can easily be adapted to a body design that meets the operational requirement. The component packaging is developed for maximum serviceability. Add to that the location of the energy storage units, providing excellent load distribution. The Volvo BZL Electric chassis design is simply focused on top quality in efficient manufacturing of a premium electric city bus.

Our Scandinavian design philosophy

Powerful and smooth

Volvo’s electric buses feature powerful electric Volvo drivelines and optimised transmissions, delivering power and drivability for safe operation in the most demanding conditions. The driveline can be configured as a single or dual motor unit with a power output of no less than 540 hp. This makes the Volvo BZL Electric an untiring hill climber and will allow for swift and smooth operation even on the tightest schedules.

Our all-day energy commitment 

Passenger capacity, driving range between charges and not least climate are important parameters in deciding how to configure the on-board energy storage system. At Volvo we’ve taken this an important step further. Together with the operator we determine the energy demand for the route, and then we guarantee that this capacity will be available. We offer this as the useable energy commitment, and your benefit is that there’s no need to worry about batteries anymore.

Charging & batteries

Driver comfort

The Volvo BZL Electric is designed to make driving impressively easy, quiet and comfortable. The extensive adjustment possibilities and the ergonomic dashboard layout reduce stress and improve working comfort. Add to that the consistent and predictable behaviour of Volvo’s chassis design. It’s a workplace made to attract, recruit and retain skilled drivers and bring the driver turnover to zero.

Silence inside

The Volvo BZL Electric driveline is fine-tuned to perfectly harmonize with the premium quality chassis design. This makes for a perfect base for building a bus with very low interior noise. Your passengers will appreciate the silent atmosphere and it is also a big relief for the driver, helping to reduce stress and stay more focused and alert.

A comfortable workplace

The comfortable driver’s environment in a Volvo BZL Electric is probably one of the best available, with world-class ergonomic design and logical layout. Volvo’s chassis concept also makes the most of the smooth electric propulsion, resulting in less vibration when driving.

Safety and security

At Volvo we always put safety first. The Volvo BZL Electric has structural safety built in from the very start. Suspension, driveline and brakes help the driver to stay in control and avoid incidents. And with Volvo’s Zone Management you can add Safety Zones to further reduce risks in certain areas.

Safety Zones

Volvo Safety Zones lets you define your own areas where particularly careful driving is required. In such a zone, the vehicle's speed is automatically limited to a speed you decide, for example when passing by schools and hospitals or in your depot.

Cyber security

Connectivity and web-based user interfaces call for the highest standards of protection against data theft and other kinds of cybercrime. In the entire Volvo Group, cyber security is a priority. We design our connected services to minimize exposure and eliminate possibilities to access the systems unauthorised.


We always strive to do more, to ensure that our customers can fulfil their commitment and run reliable, safe and sustainable operations. Aiming for zero unplanned downtime, we don’t just deliver clean electric buses to our customers. We deliver complete, transparent and connected solutions. Our goal is to offer, deliver and maintain the world’s most responsible electric bus systems.

Proven technologies

Volvo was the first to deliver hybrids and electric buses of European standards for commercial operation. Our solutions have been proven in daily traffic for millions and millions of kilometres, top ranked in uptime. Tried, tested and trusted – that’s advanced technology the Volvo way.

World-wide service network

The transition to electrified public transport is so much more than just replacing the buses. Our market and service teams have decades of experience, and with Volvo as a partner you have access to a global knowledge base – and a world-wide logistics and parts network.

Our service network

Part of Volvo Group

Volvo is not a newcomer. For almost a century we’ve developed, manufactured and serviced vehicles of the highest standards. Today, the Volvo Group is a world leader in heavy-duty commercial vehicles, active all over the world.

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