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Onboard the Volvo 9700 DD

The Volvo 9700 DD is big, bold and so very Volvo. It comes with a new and focused instrument cluster for comfortable and safe hours behind the wheel. Your drivers will love it, and so will your passengers, seated in renowned Volvo comfort. It can be specified for a truly premium tour & charter experience, as well as for efficient line-haul operation. Count on a premium Volvo experience, whatever comes ahead.

First-class driver’s environment

The Volvo 9700 DD will become your driver’s new favourite workplace. Ergonomic, focused and comfortable, seated on an elevated platform to enhance safety and visibility. It features a new dynamic instrument cluster, a new steering wheel and the option of digital external mirrors. In addition, you can specify a 360° camera system to ensure no hidden corners, as well as a Blind Spot Detection system that warns if a pedestrian, cyclist or motorcyclist has been detected.

Dynamic instrument cluster

The fully dynamic instrument cluster allows you to select between two views depending on what you prefer or want to have in focus: Analog, Focus. Each view displays a wide range of information and widgets with functions to support efficient and safe driving.

A Volvo passenger experience

Your passengers expect travelling in a Volvo to be a premium experience. The new double decker platform is a good foundation for superior travelling comfort, with less interior vibration and noise. And the moment they step inside, they’ll feel the welcoming atmosphere.


Welcome onboard

Step in through the two wide doors and you enter a spacious and pleasant interior. The lower floor is a well-dimensioned cabin with up to 29 seats, and of course the possibility of creating a wheelchair space. Overhead, there are spacious luggage racks for personal belongings and user-friendly service sets. You can choose between different toilet alternatives and tailor the kitchen to suit your requirements, for example with a fridge, coffee maker and microwave.
Take a 360 tour onboard

Step up in comfort

Two convenient staircases directly inside the doors facilitate passenger flow and take you to the upper floor. There you are welcomed to a bright and relaxing environment. The optional sky roof from front to rear reinforces the airy feeling. Your passengers are seated in comfortable Volvo coach seats, regarded by many customers as the most comfortable seats on the market. There are spacious luggage racks and user-friendly service sets, and you can specify USB and 230V outlets for charging of mobiles and computers.

Superior climate and entertainment

A perfect interior climate and versatile infotainment systems guarantee a comfortable travelling experience in the Volvo 9700 DD. The powerful climate system can handle the most extreme conditions from freezing Nordic winters to hot Mediterranean summers. Onboard infotainment can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Whatever you choose, the devices will feature a user-friendly location and layout, easy for driver and guide to operate.

Luggage capacity for all needs

Storage spaces are maximised in the Volvo 9700 DD. In addition to the overhead compartments on both floors, there is optimised space under the front stairs. For bulkier items, the Volvo 9700 DD features a luggage compartment with a capacity of up to 8 m3. Large top-hinged hatches and a large side-hinged door with handy steps facilitate loading and unloading

A Volvo Driver experience

Effortless, comfortable and in control. Driving the Volvo 9700 DD is truly a Volvo experience. Instant power at hand, already from low revs, smooth and quick gear changes, stability at high speeds and in sharp bends. In addition you are assisted by our latest systems for driver support, such as the Driver Alert System. Welcome to a better workplace.

Low-rev torque – keeping the pace

A powerful engine is not only for driving pleasure, it’s also a productivity factor. With sufficient power reserves it’s easy to maintain a steady pace and high average speed, without increasing fuel consumption. What you get is simply a wider economical fuel-efficient range.


Powerful and smooth

The new 13-litre engine and driveline, and the new generation I-Shift transmission with faster gear changes, provide smooth power already at low revs. You can drive at low revs even when on gradients and at highway speeds.

Stability and control

The double decker features a new, lighter and more steady suspension. It increases stability in all driving situations.

Knee Impact Protection

Protects the driver’s knees and thigh bones if the front is heavily crushed inward. Improved energy absorption by up to 35%.

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