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Volvo Connect world launch

April 28, 2022

On April 28, 2022, we had the global launch of Volvo Connect. Our next generation platform for connected services designed for efficient fleet management – for maximum uptime and productivity. Here’s an opportunity to experience the event again. Start connecting!

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This is Volvo Connect

Volvo Connect is the portal for your Volvo Bus services. All connected services, vehicle and driver data as well as workshop services – all in one place.

Connect all parts of your operation

When data is transformed into information, that’s when powerful analysis becomes possible. Looking at driving performance connected to energy consumption will help you find ways to cut costs. Analysing technical events can reveal hidden risks for unplanned stops. Access to real-time data and extensive history will help you identify patterns, see anomalies and take the right action. Start connecting to explore the full potential of your fleet’s performance.

Volvo Connect

Make your workshop run smoother

Volvo Connect has a line-up of services to make your daily work run faster in the workshop. Instant access to detailed and updated vehicle information will make the visit in the workshop shorter. And spare parts online make planning and stock keeping a lot easier. 

Workshop services

Know everything about your vehicles

Your buses and coaches should be on the road. Always on time and arriving on schedule. To maximise productive hours, you’d want to know health and status of every vehicle. And with that knowledge, planning of maintenance and service can be so much more efficient. 

Vehicle management

Manage your zones

Volvo’s Zone Management is a development of geofencing. Instead of just following a vehicle and registering when it crosses a boundary, we can change parameters on-board the vehicle and control its behaviour inside a zone.

Zone management

Press material

Welcome to download the Volvo Buses press material for Volvo Connect (English and Swedish).

Press material, Volvo Connect, April 2022