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Volvo Buses confirms agreement and strengthens partnership with bodybuilder Sunsundegui

Volvo Buses has now signed an agreement with leading bodybuilder Sunsundegui to manufacture its Volvo 9700 and Volvo 9900 bodies under license. Production is expected to commence in 2024, with the first buses hitting the European market in 2025.
Anna Westerberg, President at Volvo Buses, and José Ignacio Murillo, CEO at Sunsundegui, shaking hands.
Anna Westerberg, President at Volvo Buses, and José Ignacio Murillo, CEO at Sunsundegui.

The agreement, which was signed at Sunsundegui’s headquarters in Navarre, Spain, signifies the start of a close collaboration to develop and deliver sustainable, premium transport solutions for coach customers across Europe.

Volvo Buses has now secured partnerships with two leading bodybuilders in recent weeks. In September, Volvo Buses signed an agreement with MCV for the manufacture of bodies for its city and intercity buses and another step is the agreement with Sunsundegui.

“With this agreement, we have taken a significant step in implementing the change we announced in March this year regarding our business model in Europe. Through agreements with Sunsundegui and MCV, we are confident that we can offer our customers a complete range of buses and coaches in the premium segment,” says Anna Westerberg, President of Volvo Buses.

Both Sunsundegui and MCV have previously successfully delivered bodies with Volvo chassis. Now, the partnership between the two bodybuilders and Volvo Buses deepens, with shared expertise and competencies coming together to meet the high demand of European customers.

In addition to the agreements with Sunsundegui and MCV Volvo Buses are using other bodybuilders to provide customized solutions across the many markets it works with globally. For example, Volvo 9700 DD bus bodies will continue to be manufactured by Carrus Delta. Chassis production will remain at Volvo Buses’ factories in Borås and Uddevalla, Sweden.

As part of the new agreement, Sunsundegui will increase both the capacity and the number of employees at its bodybuilding factory in Navarre. Volvo Buses will continue to be the point of contact for sales and services, for both existing and prospective customers, as part of its new European business model.

“Together with Sunsundegui, we can now take orders for Volvo 9700 and Volvo 9900 before the year end. Our customers should also feel confident that we can deliver coaches of the highest quality to cater for the growing demand in the coach business,” says Dan Pettersson, SVP at Volvo Buses.

José Ignacio Murillo, CEO at Sunsundegui, and Dan Pettersson, SVP at Volvo Buses.

About Sunsundegui
Sunsundegui is a leading designer and developer of bus bodies. It offers a wide range of models for various public transportation needs, from premium, long-distance coaches to versatile city buses. The company is based in Alsasua, Navarre, Spain, and currently serves customers throughout Europe and the Middle East.

25 October 2023

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