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  • In 2032, Brisbane has pledged to host a climate-positive Olympic and Paralympic Games. The ambitious target is already transforming the whole city, not least its public transport.

  • As Brisbane commits to zero-emissions public transport in the lead up to the 2032 Olympic Games, electric buses are already becoming an increasingly common sight in the city. For operators Keolis Downer, being at the forefront of this transition has been challenging yet rewarding.

  • The purpose of the new partnerships is to provide Volvo Buses’ customers with easy access to innovative, new connected services and offer integrated digital solutions for improved efficiency. The aim is to make Optibus’ public transport management software and Stoneridge’s data and artificial intelligence fuel advice solution available to Volvo Buses’ customers in selected markets in pilot mode during 2024.

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    New password policy

    Volvo will implement a new password policy that will take effect from July 13, 2024. The new policy aims to enhance the security and protection of data.

  • Volvo Buses has high ambitions when it comes to sustainability, and by 2040, it aims to have a fully decarbonized supply chain. To help achieve this, Volvo Buses and its suppliers will utilize the unique capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI).

  • Public transport operator Keolis has ordered 31 Volvo 9700 double decker buses to be delivered to Gothenburg, Sweden, by the summer of 2025. 26 of the buses will operate in express traffic in the city and five will run on an intercity route from nearby town Borås.

  • Volvo Buses is unveiling a new and updated range of smart safety systems designed to assist drivers and further improve safety for bus occupants as well as other road users. Head of Safety Thomas Forsberg explains why the features go beyond legal demands, are fully integrated into the driver environment and will be available globally.

  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) plays a crucial role in Volvo Buses’ safety systems. Acting System Owner for Driver Environment Ulrika Larborn explains how it creates a seamless, intuitive interaction with the driver for safer bus operations.

  • Volvo Buses is launching new and updated active safety systems that help drivers to drive safely and avoid situations that could result in accidents. The active safety systems include several features with a special focus on the protection of vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians. The safety systems exceed the new EU regulations, as well as the legal requirements of most non-EU countries.

  • The Volvo BZR Electric is much more than just a new product. Based on the popular and robust B8R universal chassis, with well-proven electric driveline and state-of-the-art batteries from the Volvo Group, the platform enables the electrification of new segments worldwide. Here, Volvo Buses' Fredrik Björn explains the recipe for success.

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    Battery Saving Zone

    Zero Emission Zones with the purpose of driving hybrid vehicles on combustion engine are now renamed to Battery Saving Zones in order to better reflect their purpose.

  • Volvo Buses extends its worldwide electromobility offer to include operations outside and between cities. The new Volvo BZR Electric is a global platform for city, intercity, and commuter operations. It is offered in several configurations to maximize the possibilities for efficient, sustainable, and profitable traffic for operators around the world.

  • Volvo Buses extends its European electromobility offer to include operations outside and between cities. The new Volvo 8900 Electric is an electric low-entry bus for city, intercity, and commuter operations. It is offered in both two- and three-axle configurations, to maximize the possibilities for efficient, sustainable, and profitable traffic for operators. The first versions of the Volvo 8900 Electric will be available in selected European markets during 2025.

  • We are pleased to announce an enhancement to our Report tool, aimed at providing bus operators with a more detailed and insightful overview of charging information. From opportunity charging on route to overnight charging in the depot, our report covers a spectrum of charging options, allowing you to make informed decisions to tailor your charging strategies based on the specific needs of your fleet.

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    Software Release Notes in Assets

    In accordance with UN Regulation 156, it is a requirement to display software release notes for all customers within the EU. The release notes will be visible if an ECU has been updated/refreshed from November 1st, 2023. If release notes prior to week 47 2023 are available, they might also be displayed.

  • Viação Catedral, one of the largest passenger transport operators in Brazil, is renewing its fleet and has ordered 152 Volvo B13R Euro 6 double decker coaches for operation on long-distance routes. Almost all of the coaches feature Marcopolo bodies.

  • Prevost, a company in the Volvo Group and one of North America's leading motorcoach manufacturers, is proud to announce the largest contract in its history with a major order from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) of New York State. The MTA has awarded Prevost a contract to manufacture 381 coaches, including a firm order for 250 coaches to be delivered between 2025 and 2026, as well as options to purchase an additional 131 coaches.

  • Have you ever analyzed which electric vehicle used which charger? Then you have probably handled the MAC address of your vehicle’s charging unit . With the latest version of Volvo Connect, this address is visible in Assets for all of your electric vehicles.

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    Track your Passenger Load in Volvo Connect

    Ever wondered which bus stop is the busiest or which routes tend to be overloaded with passengers? With the new Passenger Load report, you can see the weight of the bus and the estimated number of passengers every time the bus closes its doors.

  • Luxembourg operator DEMY SCHANDELER S.àr.l. (Demy Cars) has ordered 15 Volvo 7900 Electric buses to operate in intercity traffic. It is the first order for Volvo electric buses with Volvo 7900 Electric bodies built by MCV. The order shows confidence in Volvo Buses’ new partnership with bodybuilder MCV, with the buses set to be delivered in spring 2025.

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