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July 1, 2021

Meet our experts, presenting the most recent additions to our city bus offer. New safety features, extended charging possibilities – and how we take the guesswork out of battery capacity requirements. Please use the subtitles button in the player window to select your language. You can also find additional information on the product pages.

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What we presented

Useable energy commitment

Volvo Buses now offers the useable energy commitment. Simply, we assure that the defined amount of energy for operation on the route can be available from day one to the end of the contract period. The basis is real-life route data and an analysis done jointly by Volvo and the operator. So, you need not worry about battery size or health anymore.

Side detection system

The Volvo 7900 Electric can be specified with a side detection system. Sensors on the kerb side help the driver monitor the vehicle’s nearside, reducing the risk of a collision when cornering, for instance when there are cyclists between the bus and the kerb.

Roof-mounted pantograph

Charging flexibility and interoperability are cornerstones for electrified public transport. Volvo now offers roof-mounted pantographs, known as panto up, as an alternative. Charging with a CCS cable is, of course, included as a standard feature.

Rear view cameras

A new feature is that you can replace the exterior rear view mirrors with cameras. You get a better view to the rear, on interior displays optimally placed in your field of vision. And your forward field of vision is not disturbed by the outside mirror structure.

AVAS – Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System

In some situations, such as at a bus stop, you may not hear the bus approaching. The solution is AVAS – Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System – which is a speed-dependent synthetic sound designed to notify the immediate surrounding.

Front Impact Protection System

The Volvo 7900 Electric features a reinforced front impact protection system. It is designed to pass the R29 front impact requirement, a safety standard for heavy duty trucks. The enhanced structural design adds an extra protection for the driver. Another example of how Volvo goes beyond legislation.