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Analyze your charging in detail with improved energy information in your reports

We are pleased to announce an enhancement to our Report tool, aimed at providing bus operators with a more detailed and insightful overview of charging information. From opportunity charging on route to overnight charging in the depot, our report covers a spectrum of charging options, allowing you to make informed decisions to tailor your charging strategies based on the specific needs of your fleet.
report in volvo connect

Our upgraded Energy Usage report now incorporates detailed information about various charging methods, empowering you with a deeper understanding of the charging landscape. This optimization leads to reduced downtime and improves overall operational efficiency. 

With this release, the Energy Usage report has been updated with energy charged from ACD (Automatic Connection Device), CCS (Combined Charging System) AC and CCS DC as a more detailed complement to the already existing AC and DC charging. The updated Energy Usage report is shown below.

Picture: The new Energy Usage report in Volvo Connect

Total distance (km)Total distance with engine/motor running
Total time (hh:mm)Total time engine/motor running
Total energy used incl. while charging (kWh)Total energy used including consumption while charging
Total energy used excl. while charging (kWh)Total energy used excluding consumption while charging and recuperated energy
Motor (kWh)Total energy used by the motor for vehicle propulsion
Energy used by 600V system (kWh)Auxiliary energy consumed from the 600-volt electrical system
Energy used by 24V systems (kWh)Total energy used by 24 volt auxiliary systems
Recuperation (kWh)Total energy recuperated to batteries while driving
Total energy charged (kWh)Total energy charged (both AC and DC charging)
ACD charging (kWh)Total energy charged from ACD (Automatic Connection Device) DC charging, e.g. panto up or OppCharge
CCS DC charging (kWh)Total energy charged from Vehicle coupler DC
CCS AC charging (kWh)Total energy charged from Vehicle coupler A

Table: Data represented in the Energy Usage report

If you are interested in even more information about your charging, below are all the available charging parameters within the Report tool of Volvo Connect.

Picture: All available charging parameters in Volvo Connect Report tool

If you would like to add the above parameters or other information like Average energy used per kilometer to a report, please use the filter to select or change the parameters you would like to view.

You can store your new report as a Custom Report, available for all fleet users, by clicking "Save as/share".

Picture: Use the parameter filter on the right-hand side to add more parameters to your report